Sat Bachan Kaur Speaks at IRF Summit & Co-Chairs Roundtable

August 8, 2021 |

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Sat Bachan Kaur Anthony, Chairwoman of the East West Tea Company board, spoke at the International Religious Freedom summit and is joining Ingrid Vanderveldt as the co-chair of a new global Religious Freedom and Business Women Roundtable. 

Her speech was wonderfully received and described her family’s, community’s and company’s journey through the religious inclusion workplace over the last 50 years. 

Watch her speech here:

At the woman-led roundtable, executives from around the world will further the inclusion of members of all faiths (and those with no religious faith) in the business and corporate world. Indeed, the positive social and business impacts of robust religious diversity and liberty are tremendous. Sat Bachan Kaur is joining the roundtable in her capacity as the Chairwoman of the East West Tea Company and as a private entrepreneur. Her co-chair Ingrid Vanderveldt ran a multi-billion dollar program, including an internal entrepreneurship program, at Dell Computer, the 34th largest company in the world. She also started “Empower a Billion Women 2020” with the mission to create a global sustainable future through the activation and empowerment of women. 

Sat Bachan’s position was announced at the International Religious Freedom Summit this month in Washington, DC, where she gave the business keynote speech following US Senators Lankford (R) and Koons (D), sharing the stage with world leaders including Nancy Pelosi, the Dalai Lama, Cardinal Dolan, and a variety of human rights and faith-based organizations.

The international religious freedom movement encourages every community whether it is a minority or not, to support each other, understand each other, and respect each other.

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