Sat Vanti Kriya for Truth and Grace

Los Angeles, California. At this class, he taught the Sat Vanti Kriya

Here is a video of the class (the beginning of the video is muted. For the full audio of the class, see the audio file below):

Here is the audio of the full class where the Siri Singh Sahib taught the Sat Vanti Kriya:

Here’s the transcript of this lecture:
Rain very well. Did you hear this morning the lightening? You are not out. This is called star lightening which happens once in a lifetime in the skies and today was one of that fortunate day. And the star lightening is when one cloud sit in polarity and discharges his entire electric current not downstair not to the earth, but cloud to cloud.

It started four o’clock in the morning, five minutes past and the game in the heavens was played for thirty-five minutes. It is very fascinating to watch. It is one of the phenomenon which happens in humans once in life. There was nothing down here. It was all up there, and, in the scriptures, it is called game of the heavens. That is how fundamentally beautiful it was. Those who slept through it, God bless them and those who meditate through it, God was with them.

And a person like me who just watched, just wasted time. It is true. It is true. I should have been meditating at that time myself. But I got very much enchanted by the maya.

Can’t I be doing something wrong at least some time, just to give you satisfaction? I know you are very bored with me and very upset because I am never wrong, so I will try in future to do some things, that you can trust that I can be wrong.

So, this morning I would like to decide one thing with you and share with you. I will leave the role of being always right. I want you to trust Siri Guru Granth. I have done the job. Siri Guru Granth is always right for me, always was and shall be. No man can be Siri Guru Granth.

Limit of a man to be bestowed on a man the title Sat Guru. No man have been given the title of Siri Guru. No man shall ever be given the title of Siri Guru. It is not possible. My job was, without being a Guru and without being Sat Guru and without being even a Gursikh, with all my weaknesses. I have brought you to the lotus feet of the Siri Guru Granth. From today onwards you will be on your own journey. You make it or drop it. God be with you. I discharge all my responsibilities and I shall continue to discharge them as simply I can. But this game of a man ends this minute.

Los Angeles time is ten minutes to eight. I wanted to declare it before eight o’clock today. I made up my mind last night and I wanted to share with you this. My dedication is to redeem the souls and bring them to the feet of the Guru. I did it very honestly and I intend to do it, but I have no intention to keep you attached with me. Many times, I have been nailed. Many times, I have been put on a cross. Many times, I have sat on the hot plates. Mental and physical torture doesn’t mean anything, because one line is simple. I have been boiled. I have been shredded on the death wheel. I have been cut into limb by limb and I have been cut into pieces by pieces. As a Sikh of the Guru, I always have to live in the face of death.

I understand as humans it is impossible for you to understand my consciousness and also, I understand you understand as Guru yogis _ (GM) in my state of mind I cannot understand you either. So there is a tremendous amount of emotional gap between our understanding. I cannot leave my mission and you cannot leave your garbage. My mission is darling, affection, love, God, everything to me. My mission is to reach out. I am a doubt buster. And when you judge me by your strength of doubt, I am supposed to let you know that I am not here to love you, I am here to excel you.

Love is a media for excellence. Love by itself can turn itself into hatred. Love is like milk. It can split. It can totally go wrong, sour. So your life is only up to love. Beyond that you don’t know. And my life starts from love. Your education ends there. When you are in love, all is God. No, when you are in love, life starts. Before absolute love, live life doesn’t start. So what should I do, go your way? It won’t work. Go my way. It may not work out for you.

That is why today I dedicate you and the entire sangat in the Western Hemisphere at the lotus feet of the Siri Guru Granth. It has always served me. I have experienced it. I have experimented with it. I am convinced with it, and this is the only way. There are five words you must remember. Gur, Guru, Sat Guru, Siri Guru, Wahe Guru. Gur formula. Use this formula, use this technique, use these tactics, use this strategy. It is called Gur. Guru, one who teaches you that strategy. That knowledge. Sat Guru, who gives you the truth of that strategy. Siri Guru, who gives you the universal truth of that strategy. Wahe Guru, who gives you the ecstasy of consciousness of that strategy. And you are Guru Sikh, you are going to learn that strategy because you have the mantra Wahe Guru.

So you are complete by your own existence. You don’t need me. You don’t have to dwell on me, because I dwell in God and I will continue and you can continue judging me why I move around with crazy woman, why I move around with crazy man, and why I prostitute myself to a lowest degree of human conduct with very low human beings.

I would like to give you the explanation. I am a blind man from birth. I am blind today. I don’t see people as you see. I am a deaf man. I don’t hear the way you hear. I hear the calling of the soul and I only see the aura. So let us be today honest and let me admit to you. I am not you. I don’t hear like you, I don’t see like you and I don’t speak like you. Therefore, please don’t misunderstand that though I look like you and you look like me, but let the truth come out. I am a good actor and I acted very well the role of a man, but time has come for me to retire from that role, and I want to leave this role today.

I admit and agree. I have prostituted myself against my conscious knowledge to reach out certain souls, so they can be uplifted. I shall continue doing that, and you have the right to judge me with the standard you have in your mind and heart. I don’t agree with your standards, and I don’t agree with your morals, and I don’t agree with your consciousness. I am not you. My training, my bearing and my life is given to me from the House of Guru Ram Das. I shall not disappoint anyone doesn’t matter what. And I do believe _(GM) If you hold the hand of someone let your head go as a sacrifice, but not the hand.

You believe in reactions. I don’t. You believe in judgements, I don’t. You believe in advantage and disadvantage. I don’t. You believe in love and hatred. I don’t. I believe in cherdi kala and my translation of cherdi kala is keep up. Keep up to me is cherdi kala. To keep up the upkeep of the keep up is my mission and I very sincerely believe in it.

You love everything and I hate everything. I love the calling of my soul. I listen to the calling of my soul and I live in the calling of my soul. I cannot listen to you. Therefore, you have the right not to listen to me. You don’t listen to me anyway. That is not something we should worry about or discuss it. But I cannot listen to you because I don’t have your ears. I cannot see you; I don’t have your eyes. I cannot speak your language, because I don’t have your tongue. I am, I am. Therefore, please don’t be disappointed.

All I have done is a very wonderful job and very well. I have brought you to the Siri Guru Granth. I am grateful to the Indian Sikhs who from all these five hundred and fifteen years have carried the Siri Guru Granth through sacrifice so that it can be handed over to you. I was just a cause. You were the effect. Therefore, I would like to be forgiven for all the all the pain I have caused in my innocence. I cannot match up your egos, and I cannot match up your brain waves, and I cannot match your duality.

Therefore, I would like to let you know that whosoever shall live in discipline which you have been taught shall be respectable, honorable, noble person. Nobility price of nobility is discipline. Price of ecstasy is sadhana and price of God is living without doubt. If you remember my departing three words and write it in their heart, you will never fail. And let us have.

It is eight o’clock sharp now. I have done my job with you for which I came to the Western Hemisphere, I hope you will understand, and I will beg of you don’t call me on the telephone, abusive language. My state of mind has changed and in case of difficulty you may provoke in me something which neither God can redeem, nor you can. I have become very sensitive now, and if you don’t have any time to call me with reverence please don’t call. Because my words can cut through destinies, now I am extremely sensitive, and I am extremely elevated, and I don’t want to unnecessary say things which I know. I know too much.

Therefore, from today onward, if you ever want to come in my presence, come with full reverence or please don’t come.

Don’t feel rejected or don’t feel betrayed, don’t feel insulted, but if you cannot get your reverence together, and you don’t feel I am sacred, please don’t call and not for myself.

 I will be still dancing, moving, going, running around, running around with a few people, jumping around as I am. I cannot going to change, not my attitude, but those who judge me as a man I would like to warn them, that game is over. Those who shall have faith in me shall excel and excel through their generations. Those who what I have brought through the God and Guru shall practice they shall always prosper and be in the highest consciousness. And those who will just follow as I follow my Guru’s path shall always be in peace, peace and tranquility. These are the guarantees for which Guru Ram Das house stands as a collateral. There in every man’s life comes a day when he passes on to the next stage. Now for me to enter back into the sach khand is my birthright, is my privilege and Guru has blessed me so. But for you I will be very humble and very playful. Not serious anymore. You will be missing my seriousness, my yellings and my screams and my argues and my debates and my psychological analysis of you. That part you will miss but you will find a lot of humor and a lot of jokes and with the humor I pull the rug under you feet, with the jokes I will nail you back to your reality and it will be fun to be with me. I will be very playful. Now you will like me more and miss me less. But let’s see how the new role fits in.

Please lie down on your back.

I want this tape to be transcribed and made into a tape and I want it to be sent to all the ashrams. It should be checked with me.

Put your hands on your forehead please and lock them. Put your head on the ground. It is a very. It is called Satvanti kriya. Truth and graceful. Kriya which gives us truth and graceful. Satvanti, satvanti kriya is a very rare kriya. I am giving it to you as a gift of my liberation day and I hope you will enjoy it.

Cross your left leg over right leg and pull your both crossed legs up ninety degrees and bring them down, without any noise and count it one hundred and eight times. No noise, floor must not hurt.

Put that mantra har, har, affirmation tape on loud and clear till they count one hundred and eight then we will give them affirmations. Did you make that tape after eleven minutes three times.

You could have done it yourself.

Now change the leg to the other and other leg you have to only do fifty-two times. Hurry up. Initial is one hundred and eight, second is fifty-two times without hurting the floor. And keep your forehead very tight, in your hands and keep all the pressure on the forehead.


Now you have to do eleven times, put your both legs together, put your heels together. Now put a lot of weight on your forehead. This is a very special thing to do.

Okay. And now bring your legs up ninety degree touching the heels.

Heels must not separate and foot must not meet; only heels meet and foot be separated. 

Bring it down. No noise.

Now let us do it that way.

One, down, two, down, three, down, four, down, five down, six, down, seven, down, eight, down, nine down, ten, down, eleven, down.

Totally relax your body.

Hands by your side, totally relaxed top to bottom.

Top to bottom and listen to this, if the state of consciousness is pure what person says, and when state of consciousness is not pure, then you hear them.

We will give you through this very beautiful song. Go ahead.

May the Grace of Guru Ram Das be with you. May his house and his light protect you forever. May you truly worship and have reverence and sacredness in your heart of the Siri Guru Granth. May you take this journey onward in peace, tranquility, strength. And with the word of Wahe Guru, the Guru mantra on the tip of your tongue, may your heart open. May you excel and may you continue the house of Guru Ram Das mission as a priority to serve the people.  Serve those who need you and be the beacon of light to all those. May you give your head and not your hand to those whom you are held dear and may you always walk in the memory of Godhood in excellence and in charity and in grace. May you give to Guru the one tenth and Guru return to you one hundred-fold. May the cosmic love prevail forever, ever and ever. May the house of Guru dignify and sanctify itself. May the falling soul wake up. May all those who are weak be strong and may each one reach its destiny.

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