Servant of Humanity

January 18, 1979 |

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This lecture excerpt from Siri Singh Sahib Ji appeared on page 177 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979:

“I have given you a technical know-how, how to love each other, how to be a family.  All you have to do is, with patience and with tolerance, understand each other as equals, as brothers and sisters.  These are the foundations which I was supposed to lay.  And with your love you have paid me back for whatever I have worked for you.  Time will prove it to you, though you may not believe it today.  I came here to give you the art of togetherness.   
To find that Infinite God within you, and to be loved, was the honest intention.  You are a huge family now and nobody can wipe you out.  You can even exist without Yogi Bhajan.  Feel free to feel as strong as you possibly can.  Have that strength that you are all one. 
I never came here by choice.  Period.  I owe you a debt.  To pay this debt in full, I had to leave my family, to leave my country, leave all my worldly possessions.  I came with nothing, and I am to also go away with nothing.  One last job is remaining: I am to open to you the ancient gate of wisdom.  I am bound to you.  I am your servant.  I am not your master.”  (Fall, 1970, Los Angeles) 

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