Shakti and Shakta One Heart Meditation for Couples

February 2, 2022 |

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Venus Kriyas are Kundalini Yoga exercises done with a partner, usually a partner of the opposite sex. Although Venus Kriyas are less intense than White Tantric Yoga, they fall into the category of a more advanced Kundalini Yoga practice, because they intensify the experience of the exercise through the polarities of the male-female interaction.

So, adhere to the following guidelines when teaching or practicing Venus Kriyas: Always tune in with the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before practicing Venus Kriyas. Venus Kriyas are not done to sensually or sexually seduce one’s partner. They are done from a state of elevation, to elevate the relationship and the polarities to a purity and their highest vibration. If done with the wrong intention, they lose their effectiveness and in fact, it can be more damaging than helpful. Limit the exercise to 3 minutes (unless specifically taught otherwise by Yogi Bhajan.)

If you are a Kundalini Yoga teacher and are going to teach Venus Kriyas follow these guidelines: It is best to reserve Venus Kriyas only for those with Kundalini Yoga experience. Use your judgement to assess when your students have the discipline to practice Venus Kriyas. In Venus Kriyas, the energetic and sensory connections of the partners are used to elevate the sexual and sensory energy to a connection based on awareness and the capacity to see the sacred in the other. Do not line up in lines as in Tantric Yoga. Two people can sit together anywhere. If you line up, then the energy is shared diagonally. That is not the intention of Venus Kriyas. The energy is only intended to be shared between partners. Do not create an entire class using Venus Kriyas. Just use one or two along with a Kundalini Yoga kriya. Yogi Bhajan often added a short Venus Kriya to his Friday classes, to honor the ruling planet, Venus.

This is what Yogi Bhajan said about this Venus Kriya: “When you chant, he holds, and when he chants you hold. It is a good way for a husband and wife to relate to each other. The man should look like a man of God and think a good thought. Woman is the symbol of Shakti, that which comes from the Infinite, is self-created, and which stands behind. Shakta, that which takes the Infinite and stands in front. One is Shakti and one Shakta—both are the polarity of the same divine force called God. Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior. One is the base and pushes up. The other gets pushed up from the base. So, there are not two different things. That is why the grace of God is in you as a male or as a female. It is your moral strength. That is your honor, and that is why we feel it is a good thing for a person to live in his heart, not his head. “Head is beautiful, head is not wrong, but something is beyond the head, and that is the heart, the Self, the being which throbs for somebody, which moves for something, which moves even when you don’t move. Something which lives in you—when you feel you are dead—is your heart. The brain can collapse and revive, but when the heart collapses and it doesn’t revive, the brain won’t even function. The value of the Heart Chakra is very definite.” ~Yogi Bhajan

This powerful couples’ meditation is very invigorating, very energizing. It will give you a lot of strength and endurance. You can feel very light, because all of the functions become so tuned-in and effective. It restores you to a state of youthfulness and a time when everything was working perfectly. Holding the breath out flushes and purifies the blood. This is excellent for ridding the body of disease. Not only is it purifying for the blood, but it has the power to absorb oxygen so that the main functions of the body’s organs gain a special kind of strength. Build up to 31 minutes. You may experience a sensation of weightlessness for about 10-15 minutes after completing the meditation.

Posture: Sit down facing your partner in any comfortable meditative position that maintains a straight spine.

Mudra: Relax arms and hands down in a comfortable position.

Eyes: Eyes can be closed halfway, 9/10, or completely.

Mantra and Breath: Take turns chanting the mantra. While your partner is chanting, hold the breath out.

Ek Ong Kaar
Sat Naam
Kartaa Purakh
Akaal Moorat
Gur Prasaad
Aad Sach
Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhee Sach
Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach

Time: Start with 3 minutes and build up gradually to 31 minutes.

To End – Inhale.  Exhale, relax the breath.

You may experience a sensation of weightlessness for about 10-15 minutes after completing the meditation.

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