Song of Death

November 2, 2020 |

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This lecture changed my life.  This music is a little more gnarly and in  your face than my usual. It matches the subject matter.

The poem came from a lecture given by Yogi Bhajan in the early 1980’s.  It was while Khalsa Council was in session, but he gave the talk at an evening class, open to all students.

He was explaining the whole of creation on a scale, and from a perspective, that was AWESOME.  It was an explanation of the mechanics of it all, rather than why.

He explained that all things in creation come from the white holes. It then flows as an unstoppable force into black holes.

I assume he was talking about stars, but he used the term white holes.

Creation, as a whole, is a massive, unfathomable enterprise . It is energy being created, converted, put into infinite forms…on the scale of the Universe. Those forms flow through time and space interacting in infinite variations.

We as “individuals” are not even tiny bubbles in the massive flowing “river” of energy we call the Universe.

It is folly to try and stop or change it. No more than a flea could stop a Hurricane in the  Ocean. Yet we think we can.

Then he talked about how we are all here to do our jobs. Be the molecules flowing in the giant energy river. Playing our parts.

He spoke of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh. All four of them died in a short period, during Guru Gobind Singh’s life.  They have come, as a team, many times before.

Earth minds might  look at that with pity or sorrow. But it is actually their job to incarnate together, then to die a fearless death to inspire others.

You are in a  river the size of the Universe, flowing. You are on the Blue Marble called Earth, spinning thru space at 800,000 miles per hour. You are going to stop something?!

Good one. You have a good sense of humor.

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