Soul, the Seed of Life

December 5, 1982 |

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Gurdwara lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, on December 5, 1982, in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa…

We as human beings are the product of the seed. There are two seeds we can relate to.  One is the Bindu, which gives us the body. One is the soul, which gives us the life. We rent this body for the soul and we pay through the Karma through many, many incarnations. And Guru testifies what I am saying.

‘Guru Kripa thay bhagat Kamayi, Taaye Maanas Dehi Payi.’

Through the Guru’s grace we did lot of Bhakti, that is we get the body. If your body is very sick, you got the body but you paid third rate for it. If your body is very healthy and you don’t do anything right in this lifetime, you have already paid, first rate, you know first rate postage, second rate postage, third rate postage, something like that.  You understand that?  That’s what body is about. Body is not more than that. Body has only up to that.  Then the real seed in us is our soul.

Soul is part of the infinite and infinite is part of the soul. That is where we feel wrong and we go wrong, when the soul does not grow to Infinity.

Take example the fields of life. Mahatma Gandhi took a field of peace. So in all peace lovers, Mahatma Gandhi will be known.  It doesn’t matter anything else. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was prime minister, but his field was literary. Discovery of India has still sold more than any other book in the world.  It’s still the best seller. So in the literary world, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru will always be respected whether in, in revolutionary Mao Tse-tung, will always be remembered. In the dictators, Hitler will be remembered.  You like him or not, it doesn’t matter what he did.  Who cares what he did. There is a field. And from nothing to everything, Napoleon Bonaparte will be remembered. Exactly, in spirituality, Guru Nanak will be remembered.  Buddha will be remembered.

So in certain fields, these people are immortal. Their soul extended the portion and proportion of the limitations of the body. Some people chose a wonderful part, like Guru Har Gobind, among the Guru’s, they just try to understand. Guru Nanak in the dharmic world, he will always be remembered. In Seva and dharma, Guru Amar Das will be remembered. In knowledge and intelligence, Leyna, Guru Angad will be remembered. In humility and grace, Guru Ram Das will be remembered. In sacrifice and religious values, Guru Arjun will be remembered. In majesty and spirituality, Guru Har Gobind will be remembered.  So even each Guru came to give us a realm of consciousness, even in spiritual realm. Guru Har Rai, you can adore him for calmness, for tolerance, for love. Guru Har Krishan, five years old Guru, the healing on his part, he healed N block, spirit, the soul. So body has limitation among tattvas, soul keeps the tattva alive.  When the soul leaves this tattva, what they do to you?  Ashes to the ashes, in one way or the other.  There are lot of paraphernalia’s to do that.

Those of you who wants to walk on the path of Guru, have to understand, you are paying in this life, no karma, you have already paid it. What you are paid, what you are going to cash now, that is the deciding fact. Whether you can cash on your investment, or you can’t. You want to be Sikhs or not, it’s not my problem because there are millions of Christian and I have not yet met one in fifteen years, I am running around in the Western hemisphere, you know. There are Christians, but degree of a Christian, degree of a Christian, not doctorate in Christianity, real Christianity. They can discuss with you, but in the end you will find you are talking to a fanatic. They can discuss with you, and your aura will tell you, my God this man is scared to death.

I talked once to a religious saint, religious saint, literately he was, O my God, I wanted to meet him for centuries, just like, I might have, in nineteen fourteen, I might have been thinking to meet him, just that kind of, just stretch it a little more. Great Swamiji, great, literally, this guy has done a good job. I convinced myself each time, na, na, na, na, he, he is just scared for the moment, he is scared because he is in the farmland.  Guy was so scared. And in the end, I said, “Is something bothering you?”

He said, “No, I am all right, I am all right.”

I said, “Even answering this you are scared.”

There was no flow, of to be. So in the house of this body, you can collect lot of information. You can buy lot of comforts, you can have lot of authorities but just remember, Naam Chitayave. How you are going to be remembered? What they are going to say about you in one line? That’s all what you can gain, out of living from one year to eighty years or seventy-five years or ten years or two years.

I was very surprised when I was called from New Delhi, Sardarni Premka Kaur was on the phone, she said, “We need a blown-up picture of Bhai Sahib Dayal Singh. Children at the school wants it.”

And sometime I recollect, I put in about forty and some hard years to become Bhai Sahib. He came to me at fifteen, he left us when he was twenty-one or twenty-two and he is a hero, a spiritual hero, immortal. It took him five to six years to become immortal. And he is a legendary in obedience, in acknowledging the knowledge, in learning, in experience, in dedication. He is a man who walked in and walked through but left such a deep mark. Some of you are old, some of you are more knowledgeable, some of you are more experienced, some of you are more rich and anything. But whenever the name of Bhai Sahib, Bhai Sahib Dayal Singh comes, you all have nothing but reverence.  Have you noticed this? Have you also studied it?  How he earned it, and how fast?

Don’t misunderstand me that Western hemisphere and the Sikh history of the hemisphere will not become as it is the Sikh history of today. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t sat in a fire burning fire and didn’t get burnt, he didn’t jump into the ocean and didn’t drown, he didn’t fly, he didn’t walk on water, he never even went on cross, he never got nailed, he never put hot sand on his body, did nothing. But he left such a deep mark in you of him and of his spirituality, that you all whether you like it or not, you have to have reverence for him. Why? He dived deep in himself and he reached to his spirit and he conquered his own soul. He was undisputed, spiritual leader, undisputed.

I remember, one day he came to me and he asked me, “He will like to watch how I counsel people.”

I said, “Fine.  Any day you choose, you can come in.”

Next morning, nine o’clock was my first appointment.  He was there.  He sat in one corner and four o’clock it finished. People came in, I talked to them, let them go and in the end I said, I said, “All right, Dayal Singh Ji, what do you feel.”

He said, “I feel very good.”

I said, “But what you wanted to learn, what you wanted to know?”

He said, “I wanted to know how you can speak naked truth and not offend anybody. That’s all I wanted to know.”

I said, “Compassion.”

He said, “I don’t think I will have that much compassion, but my only personal feeling is I have now learned very well not to offend anybody, and he didn’t.”

You can speak truth and not offend anybody. Because truth is the ultimate owner of this earth planet and you are just repeating it. You know what offends you? Because somebody doesn’t listen to you, don’t misunderstand, eighty percent people don’t listen to you anyway. And twenty percent who listen to you, they do listen to you but they can’t act. So what you are upset about? Keep on saying. Because Guru said, Jap,

‘Aad sach, Jugad sach, Hai bhee sach, Nanak Hosee bhee sach.’

Guru has said, Jap, repeat it. The beauty about truth is just repeat it. People are very emotional, sensual, sexual.   If you intervene in their sexual capacities and likes and dislikes, they become your enemy, they don’t care for spirit.  People do care for body, the lust of the body, the love of the body, the flow of the body, the possession of the body, the projection of the body, because it’s a readily feeling. How bad and rotten it is, how good and wonderful it is, but it is there. Soul is a very subtle matter, which you get through meditation.

‘Jinee naam dhyiaa-iaa, ga-e masakat ghaal.’

It’s a very hard labor.

Guru makes us understand that it’s a very hard labor.

‘Jinee naam dhyiaa-iaa, ga-e masakat ghaal.’

To meditate is a hard labor. And to be in a creative, meditative mind, it’s really super hard. People want to be spiritual with the feudalism. You know one donkey make a herd behind him, becomes the leader. You know if one of you, if we allow the election today and you know you can party and you can convince people and you can date and bait and all that stuff and you become spiritual leader what kind of spiritual you will be? Is somebody spiritual whom people have elected or is somebody spiritual whom spirit has elected? That is why you can never become spiritual without the direct relationship between you and your spirit.

Once I went to see somebody and it was about forty-five minutes drive, and I was in an old truck, you can’t believe it and when I got down, I found out that actually, on seat there is a towel and a blanket, that’s why the springs were bothering me on the way. And it was, I mean to say, classically a dirty and I don’t want to use the real word to describe it, so my apologies for my limitation today, that kind of truck. And the guy has not to create any horn or sound and even give a signal, everybody wanted to give way.  That kind of truck, they look the appearance. So I went there and went in, we sat down and talked and the house lady was very upset. And I said, “Sister, why you are upset?”

She said, “What upset, what upset, there is no car in the house there is no.”

I said, “I came so many miles on this ugly, dirty truck to be with you and I never knew you are so upset because your car is not here.”

It surprised me. The total spirituality went down the tube, because somebody didn’t bring the car on time. Now second offering on my part was, all right we have arrived and now we know where we have to go, come in the truck. She came out and I saw her reducing to the side of a just a little doll.  She totally evaporated. She said, “You came in this truck?”

I said, “Yeah.”

“How you could sit?”

I said, “As I sit. Didn’t do anything extra. I just went in, opened the door, sit and he drove.”

“Was it comfortable?”

I said, “I feel very comfortable, I am here with you.  Now are we going or what?”

She said, “My apologies, you might be disappointed, but I can’t sit in this truck.”

Looks are very important.  That’s the first step. Strength of the looks is very important.  That’s the second step.  But do you deliver the strength of what you want to deliver forever? The continuity of your strength, is in the soul of you. It is in the soul of you, and that is the seed of the soul, which will allow you to break the boundaries of time and space and that will make you live forever. And that’s the only way you can enjoy your relationship in experience with God and you. That’s what the song you were singing, that you become immortal and undying and Kal nakahu beeape. Death shall not touch you. I picked up the line and I know you will have doubt, that everybody dies, how Guru Gobind Singh has said, Kal nakahu beeape, death will not touch you. Guru Gobind Singh said that out of his experience, because Guru Gobind Singh is today with us exactly much more than he was.

Jesus Christ today own much more property than he owned in his lifetime. Ram Chandar is dressed, Lord Rama is today dressed in more precious clothes and well stitched clothes than he got dressed in his lifetime. If you go even in Hari Krishna temple, and see Lord Krishna dressed up in his own lifetime, God knows, he got all that stuff or not. But now he has all that. He sits on the reign of immortality and reigns the world today. When Guru Gobind Singh said, Kal na kahu beeape. He is not only right, he was absolutely right. He has not died; he shall not die, and no death can engulf him. Because he left behind Sumchith, Sumchitha, Naam chitiavay.  That is the theory, that’s the base of this dharma.

And when you remember Guru Gobind Singh, you remember dignity, Divinity, grace, sacrifice, truth and a bright, enlightened, soul. That is the realm of the Raj Yog. Where there is a union with God and the flow of the majesty. So I was trying to explain to you, that the message of Guru Gobind Singh towards Yogi’s and to the science of Yoga is so clear and so marvelous and so wonderful, that it can take care of your all ups and downs, and you can live a very balanced life. I am personally very grateful to be in the house of Guru Ram Das today on this Sunday. And it’s a very rare chance for me to get to here on Sunday, I know the house is little and we are growing, but it’s good.

I hope you can all come at Sadhana time, also the same thing and find no space. This morning the way the Japji was recited, was almost accurate. It was beautiful. But everybody was not fortunate to participate in it. We are not very fortunate to feed our soul, we dry it out and poor thing which became as a seed and a sovereign of this body become the slave and slave of the dungeon.

I hope God and Guru should bless you and you should grow. But just remember, whatever is not dignity, is not Sikh Dharma and whatever is a game, is not the part of Sikh Dharma.

Sikh Dharma is a very straight relationship and experience between Guru and the Sikh, and it engulfs the God in practical and in theory. I have to say this, because many of us has a tremendous past and we still carry it.  Though the past doesn’t want to get carried, but we say, come on my past, I like to use you for a while. No, that’s not the way it goes. Drop the past, get to the future, take the experience and cash, cash on the past, so that your radiance can attract the opportunities and graceful opportunities. I hope, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity be with you always and shall continue to flow, so that your faith in the graced Guru and your faith in the righteousness, may not to dwindle. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa…

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