June 8, 2022 |

“From the Pain to the Joy”

Saturday, June 25  |  Class #1  |  Lesya – Jagtaran Kaur (Ukraine)

My name is Lesya Stoyanova (Jagtaran Kaur). I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have studied and taught Kundalini yoga for more than 10 years and I’m a healer in the Sat Nam Rasayan tradition.  I’m grateful for the deep and powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques, which help me to keep up and deal with tragic situation in my country.  I’m so happy to be part of Summer Solstice Event and I’m inviting you to my class “From the pain to the joy”.  Let’s make peace, love and prosperity in the world!

Directly following this class, Livtar Singh will sing his song “When the Killing Ends”

“Breathe:  Discover Your Joy and Vitality”

Saturday, June 25  |  Class #2  |  Gurubachan Singh (US)

After more than a dozen years of traveling to South America and China sharing the blessing of Guru Ram Das on his “Lord of Miracles” Tours, Gurubachan Singh created the “Breathe Global” organization to provide selfless service in honor of Guru Ram Das, to inspire, uplift and bless humanity.  The simple meditation and breathing techniques he shares help to invigorate your body and quiet your mind, so you can discover and experience your joy and vitality.

Gatka:  “Adi Shakti Yoga” (YB)

Saturday, June 25  |  Class #3  |  Guru Shabad Singh (Italy)

The GATKA GURU SHABAD SYSTEM method is based on four main points:

1)  EFFECTIVENESS: The Gatka is a weapon and bare-handed system aimed at the protection of one’s person, the defenseless and the weakest. Everything is aimed at a victorious conflict.

2)  SAFETY: The practice must not only safeguard the person and put him in a position to operate safely but also take care of the practitioner’s physical well-being.

3)  COMMUNICATION: The practice must help highlight and understand the relationship between the science of communication and the art of Gatka in the paradox of successful communication / victorious conflict.

4)  AWARENESS: The practice must contribute to one’s knowledge and to develop empathy with people, the environment and the rhythm of one’s heart.

The Listening Space – A Meditation Class

Saturday, June 25  |  Class #4  |  Ambrosio Espinosa (Mexico)

Ambrosio will lead a meditation class which provides a simple technique taught by Yogi Bhajan to hold yourself in Shunia. Instead of remaining identified with your thoughts, you will hold yourself from an empty space that allows you to “deeply listen”.   

Chant and Chat

Sunday, June 26  |  Class #1  |  Satkirin Kaur (US)

As part of her monthly “Chant & Chat” through Naad Academy, Satkirin Kaur will introduce and lead the Sangat in chanting and meditating on the Shabad “Aap Sa-haa-ee Ho-ah” for 30 minutes, followed by a time to chat to share our experience together.  This Shabad is to block animosity and bring protection and prosperity. Here is a link to the words and meaning of this Shabad, as well as some musical versions if you would like to familiarize yourself with the Shabad prior to the recitation for this event. Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Shabad

2022 Numerology

Sunday, June 26  |  Class #2  |  Avtar Kaur (Germany)

How are the numbers of the year influencing us individually and collectively?

We live a period of great transition where themes such as freedom, justice and truth are shaking our core identity. Time to remain loyal to our true identity, our sat Nam and reinforce our nature of spiritual warriors.

In the battle of life, we can either fight against or fight for, this is also the dance of the sword, or the dance of Shiva who destroys what is not real. This year is an invitation to say NO to any form of polarization, separation and ostracism and invite truth to come in, without fear. 

 Join Avtar Kaur for this Numerology workshop. The intelligence of the numbers will guide us on this journey to self-realization.

The Path to True Empowerment in a Woman’s Life

Sunday, June 26  |  Class #3a  |  Nam Nidhan Kaur (Chile)

Nam Nidhan Kaur has been dedicated to teaching women in South America and around the world for nearly 25 years.  She is the founder of the International Mujer De Luz Foundation (Woman of Light) which provides programs to inspire and empower all women, including social programs for women experiencing abuse or depression, and for women prisoners.

During this class, Nam Nidhan will meet separately with the women attendees, while the men meet with Rai Singh for a discussion about relationships (see below).

Ease Your Relationship by Understanding the Law of Approach

Sunday, June 26  |  Class #3b  |  Rai Singh (Chile)

While the women meet together with Nam Nidhan Kaur, the men will meet separately with Rai Singh to learn teachings and techniques to improve and strengthen their relationships.

There are many challenges which couples often experience which can completely kill your relationship.  Rai Singh will share 3 steps to understand how to make life easier for you individually, as a partner and for your family.  Learning this approach can save your relationship.