2022 Virtual Summer Solstice Schedule

June 8, 2022 |

Additional Details

Thanks to our global sevadars, this full event will be translated simultaneously into Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish.  Wahe Guru!

Each day will begin with Aquarian Sadhana, which will be streamed from Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Sangat (US).  

During the class times, the Zoom event format will be a “webinar” where the teachers will teach their classes and the participants will not be on video.  However, during the break times, attendees will move to break out groups by language.  Here you will have the opportunity to share with each other about your experience of the lecture or a class given that day, news from your community, etc.

Four breaks each day will take place in groups by language (Chinese, English, German, Italian and Spanish).   Bring your meals to eat together, chat with one another about your experience at the classes– connect with Sangat!

The event program will end each day with two hours of Kirtan by Global Sangat Musicians