Radiant Body

February 12, 1986 |

Reality is we decorate our body to attract.  We use it as a bait.  We have never sacredly respected this body. It’s a truth. Using the body as a bait, having absolutely no mind with it.  Because we use mental energy to play games, use body as a bait, ignore our soul.  That’s a one common pattern of ordinary human being.  And when we do all that, what comes out of it is nothing but a commotional relationship.  And the outfit of that is, that we do things, but we don’t understand them. In this realism, we grow. It is a very sad story of that man who is born in the image of God. Use body, decorate body, serve body, beautify body to use it as a bait. Mind, which is the most sensitive energy, is not used to collaborate the purpose of life.  But mind is used to play games. Soul, the base, the cornerstone is totally ignored.

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