Teacher is Not What You Think a Teacher Is

November 7, 2020 |

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“In my last days of my journey on this Earth, I would like to share my experience and my knowledge, which I am carrying in my heart, so that when your generations will follow and sometimes when society will become so corrupt that you cannot live with it, you will dig out those pages and with the touch of that, you can find life is worthwhile.

Teacher is not what you think it is. It’s so ridiculous to see western people defining a teacher. You do not know what a teacher is. Teacher is not what you think a teacher is. Teacher is a hopeful, possible, knowledgeable source, where you can stop destruction. Destruction cannot be stopped by the individual. Whosoever shall construct shall destroy.

‘Jo Upjo So Binse Hein.’

Whatever is born, whatever is created, shall be destroyed. Then what can stop it? What can stop it is something which is higher than you and is still within you. So what is a teacher? The one whose teachings are within you. For you, a teacher is a man. For some people, a teacher is just a father which they never had. Or a teacher is just a man, which they couldn’t get satisfaction from. Or for some people a teacher is just a person to come and play around.

But for some people, a teacher is an altar of their destiny. The people who believe their teacher is the altar of their destiny have found a teacher. Others are looking for small events, for a long shot. So in reality, every human has the right of Infinite energy. The purpose of life is to experience beyond you, when you love beyond you.

I remember somebody I love. I gave her everything. She wanted and destroyed it all. There was nothing left to give. Because when you become self-destructive, whatever you achieve, you destroy, because you love your self-destruction. Just remember that.

Nobody destroys you. You destroy yourself. You destroy your relationship, because you achieve the relationship to destroy it. The excellence you use as bait to catch the fish and then you destroy it, because you do not value the Infinity. But if within you, you can have the discipline of Infinity, then you create nothing and you destroy nothing. Because Infinity is beyond you. You may sometime have the feeling that you fall in love with somebody and you do not know what to do about it. It’s something beyond your control. That experience may be somewhere in your life. You can dig it out and just find it out. You are foolish not to develop that, and you let it go.

That’s exactly what saintliness is. When all senses are controlled and the height of the sense is experienced by a limited person. Height of the Infinity is experienced by a very limited human being.  When the light and the warmth is experienced always and ever, that is what a human being is.”

~Siri Singh Sahib Ji, March 30, 1987

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  1. This one quote by YogiJi says so much about our current conflict

    • Sat Nam, it is so true, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post
      Wahe Guru

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