Tempered Like Steel

October 3, 1994 |

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To my sons and daughters
Modern School

My dear sons and daughters in Divine,

Sat Nam.  Greetings in the Name of God, the Light of every Soul, and in the Name of Guru, the Life of every Sikh.

You may ask yourself, “Why am I here?  What is all of this about?”  The reality is that you are being tempered like steel.  The effect of life is making you to be gem quality.  When any human being is faced with challenge, and they learn to overcome that challenge, then growth is achieved.

You may not know it, but each one of you has a special quality – something that makes you outstanding as a human being.  For this reason, you are in India.  Through the process of life, this faculty of yours will manifest and become strong.  Each one of you is a leader in your own right.  You have a capacity to be exceptional and to grow in ways that the average human being will not.  Learn Punjabi fast, become fluent in reading the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and McCauliffe and be well versed in the history of the Gurus.  Find a way to break through every block.  Don’t let the blocks become crutches.

I am asking you to focus on who you are.  understand your depths and exploit your strength in a positive way.  You can be anything.  Anything that you can imagine, you can do.  You are pioneers and leaders.  History will record you if you can learn to mentally develop your mind and projection.  

There are eight hundred million people in India, many of whom have been educated there and live successfully as chief executives worldwide.  You can silently accomplish much more than this.  Education in India can work for you.

Don’t use excuses as a reason not to excel.  Practice breaking through the stress.  Don’t let it get on top of you.

My deepest prayers and love are with you.  May Guru Ram Das bless you and guide you.  In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humbly yours,
Yogi Bhajan

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  1. deep gratitude dear Ong Kaur Kaur for reminding us
    this outstanding encouraging very actual letter!
    what a presence of spirit and heart!
    i will read it to the student when I teach the mind

    • Sat Nam, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this letter. So inspiring that you share with the students so they can sense the amazing Teacher that we have.
      Wahe Guru

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