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August 30, 2012 |

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Nirinjan Kaur (a member of Yogi Bhajan’s staff) shared this wonderfully crafted poem at Yogi Bhajan’s birthday party in 2012.  It features fun 3HO history and beautifully defines what makes the 3HO path an inspiring way of life.

1969 in America Yogi Bhajan started teaching hippies galore.
Although there were a few squares who too wanted more.
We came from the Woodstock Nation, the Yogi would say
“Don’t tell us what to do; don’t tell us how to pray.”

These were the sixties; the Aquarian Age had dawned.
Yogiji’s wisdom foretold all the chaos to come.
He came to train teachers, healers to be
By the grace of God, people who served humanity.

3HO International, he founded, without hesitation.
Healthy, happy, holy—for more than our generation.
Healthy—well, why not? Happy—I could use some of that.
Holy—I pictured a saint with a halo. No way; not my role.
But his stance was unique—it was about being “whole.”

The center where I lived back in 1971.
A motley crazy group whose spirit bright as the sun.
Together we meditated, a community who began
To learn to live together in harmony as one.

Kundalini Yoga—balance of soul, body & mind
Nerves got stronger, we no longer
got as depressed or stressed; peace we started to find.
Breath of fire—sounded like a panting dog.
But I was hooked—felt so cleansed. Goodbye to the prevailing fog.

A comprehensive package—gosh it felt so right.
From how to wake up in the morning, to how to go to sleep at night.
A life full of experience and fun; a life worth living
In which the greatest happiness comes from the act of giving.

“Don’t love me; love my teachings instead.”
To the women – “You are the grace of God,” he also said.
What does that mean? It was over our heads.
But his women’s teachings—so practical and divine
From low self-esteem to dignity is mine.
Yogi Bhajan’s motto “Keep up”—in every situation.
We cried, laughed, fell, got up—through it all he was our constant inspiration.

“It’s not the life that matters; it’s the courage that you bring.”
We quoted his sayings—they became songs that we sing & sing & sing.
He didn’t ask for perfection; he told us to “look inside.”
Find the real You in you and put your fears aside.

Throughout the years we became more precise,
Researching material that could give everyone advice.
Soon became experts in posture correction
Teachers branched out in many directions.
Books were written and videos made
To ensure Kundalini Yoga will never fade.

We wish you lots of success in your earthly pursuits.
Make the most of this human experience, but don’t forget your roots.
All things come from God and all things, including you, shall return.
When the lessons for which your soul incarnated have been learned.
Death is just going home, so when consciously done,
You leave the earth plane fearlessly, for liberation you have won.

We may have come to this chapter’s end, but this is just the start.
Yogi Bhajan, the 3HO family—they’re all about the heart.

Here is a video of Nirinjan Kaur reading a portion of her poem at Yogi Bhajan’s 2012 birthday party:

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