The Divine Essence of a Teacher

December 9, 2020 |

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Excerpts from a lecture given by Yogi Bhajan on 4/22/97

You have one friend in you—that is your mind. When your mind has duality, it takes you away from your reality. The difference between a Teacher and a human is, the Teacher surrenders his duality. God is in us, therefore we do not say, “In God we Trust.” We say, “In God I Dwell.” The gap between man and God has to be eliminated.

If a human wants to enjoy the Earth, there are many roads and many ways—I am not disagreeing. There are many philosophies and many theories; there are many choices and many therapies. But one thing is always true: there is always one experience.

If you do not have an experience of bliss, you should work for it, because it is not your teaching, your philosophy, your knowledge which matters. It is your bliss that you share with another person which is all that matters.

You have three minds: negative, positive and neutral. A person who does not deal with the neutral mind, even with all wealth, shall not prosper and can’t be happy, because negative and positive cancel each other. It is the neutral mind which becomes the intuitive force in you.

You must know where you have to go. You must know what you have to conquer. With every thought, ask only one question: “If I pursue this thought, will it make me noble, or will it make me bitter? Will it make me a stone-head, or will my fragrance be all over the world? Will it give me the strength to make people happy, or will I make other people unhappy?”

What kind of Teacher will you be? Do you want to limit yourself with territory? A Teacher has no territory. A Teacher has no personality. A Teacher has no reality. His only reality is that he uplifts, uplifts, uplifts; he keeps up and uplifts, keeps up and uplifts. It’s like a philosopher’s stone: any metal he touches becomes gold.

You have to start your thoughts like this: “I come from the Heavenly Father, to be on Mother Earth. She will nurture me and nurse me if I only ask.” But you are taught, “Go, get money. Find a rich woman. Find a rich man. Have good sex.” All that kind of stuff which if you go after is going to give you trouble. When you “go and get it” then you have to carry the weight. There’s no difference between you and a slave. You are actually a mental tragedy. In your head, you carry all the weight. You make no sense to the Divine.

Do you know what God thinks, sitting in you? He says, “Oh, I’m living in an idiot.” God sits inside you, you mess Him up inside you, and He gets very mad. So He tells His wife, Prakirti, “Teach this guy a lesson.”

Now, you know what God’s lesson is? Do you know the vengeance of God? He will give you all wealth, but no satisfaction. When He starts behaving at your level, He’s really very indifferent.

Some people I help, some I counsel, some I advise, some I talk to, and some I leave alone. They have made up their minds not to listen, and I have made up my mind not to say anything. If one is not willing to change for himself or herself, they are never going to change for anybody else.

You must have all dated at one time or another. Just remember today how many lies you told while dating; how much you made up to impress. Because you are afraid that she or he will exploit the truth. That is the quality of a Teacher. If his students tell him anything or everything, and if the Teacher betrays it or exploits it, then it is a natural law, that Teacher either has to elevate that person into the Heavens or go to hell himself or herself.

So this has created students who window-shop, and Teachers who are philosophers. Nobody is willing to take the pain to wake up another person. The majority of the Teachers are themselves asleep.

Technically, your mind is your tool. If you do not use it correctly, you will look like a fool. Don’t let your mind rule you—rule your mind. You will be prosperous, powerful and princely. It’s up to you. The only way you can lead is with your own discipline. The effectiveness is your own power. Therefore, you should decide with your mind.

If your words do not have a smile, if you do not talk heart to heart, and you decide everything with your head, it is better to keep a dog as a friend rather than you. You are a useless, painful drag. The only thing in this world that counts is your smile, your uplifting word, and your kindly body gesture. These are three fundamental requirements of a Teacher.

When you have a student, chisel the student, penetrate into the student, and make the student better than you. Otherwise your tomorrow is dead. Teach your student to become a Teacher. And make him understand again and again and again.

The whole world is your student. Trees are your students, stones are your students, your family is your student—everything is your student. A Teacher cannot think in any other way. If you think anything else, you are not a Teacher.

Minds have to become very vast. Today’s world is the Aquarian world—a small mind will never be happy. In this room there are so many denominations of religions that you can’t even count them. But we have only one purpose—to experience, to help, and to serve the future.

This lecture is published in The Master’s Touch, available through KRI. 

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