The Gift of Sahej

May 21, 2010 |

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Written in 2010 by Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

In every situation, I ask myself: What is God’s responsibility? What is the other person’s responsibility? What is my responsibility? If I have defined these boundaries then I am clear about what I must deliver.

To escape the trap of the mind’s fears and insecurities, I do yoga. I strengthen my Aura and Arc-line until I am not bothered with nonconstructive thoughts. I do not stop doing yoga until I reach this state.

What is Sahej and how do you get there? Sahej is that state of mind when you no longer seek. You know who you are and what you must do by listening to the voice of your soul. If you are told to act, you act. If you are told not to act, you rest.

The rest of life you are free to do as you choose; relax and enjoy. Despite the fact you can now spend 80 percent of your life any way you want, it has been my observation that people in this state of mind enjoy spending their “free” time serving others.

Freed from external desires, they see service as the only worthwhile thing to do until that day that they are free of this Earth. This is the gift of Sahej.

How do you free yourself from external desires? You listen to the voice of your soul. When you betray yourself you lose your self-esteem. Now you desire to feel better and you begin all sorts of actions in the hope that you will feel better. Unless you live to your truth within, your desire will never be satisfied.

If by the Grace of God and Guru, you are freed from this inner struggle, you will never go back. Why? Because self-betrayal of inner truth leads to cycles of pain that is too painful to imagine. In this state, you will live to your truth, or die, for dying is certainly the less painful option.

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