The Radiant Body and the Song of the Khalsa

November 4, 1980 |

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Listen to the full lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on November 4, 1980, or read the following excerpt:

When you do not know who you are, you do not know what your values are; you do not know what your moral is; you do not know what your character is; you do not know what is your ethics is.  You do not know what your values are, then you are nobody. Jimmy who? And all your life, you live like a donkey? Anybody can ride you? What is a man? Guru Gobind Singh gave example. When things are down and darker, we walk the?

Students: Tallest.

We sing it every day (Song of the Khalsa) and we can’t remember it. Logically, in creative consciousness is the polarity of sub-consciousness through which you have to grow to become a conscious being, so that undermining factors of your faculty or personality must evaluate themselves and leave you. So that your  radiant body  may decide not now, but forever.  Like sons of  Guru Gobind Singh ; but forever, they preferred to be bricked alive than to give in an inch. When Khalsa shall fall, there will be no world at all. There’s no logic in strength.  There is no reason in strength. Strength has only two things: commitment and faith.

God lives in the heart of a faithful. These left and rights have no value. They will never have value, they never had value and they shall never have value.  And I just feel that unfortunate moment when you have always the chance; that chance; one chance. It comes in such a huge cycle; one chance. Where somebody is drowning and you can make him swim or you can make somebody swimming, drown. When somebody is bad, you can forgive.  Somebody is falling apart, you can raise that person’s consciousness. Spiritual flow is the polarity of consciousness in reality, in the fact of life where there’s no vacuum and the beauty of the radiant body is effective, everlasting and very penetrating….

GGS-and-sons-235x300… Guru Gobind Singh  could have saved his sons very easily and Guru Gobind Singh’s sons could have saved themselves very easily. And it was absolutely no miracle for  Guru Arjan Dev  to get out of all that situation. No.  But they were the real people of God; they were perfect sat Gurus; they were to teach us.  When the life will face us and confront us as the followers what we shall do? When somebody will attack my  radiant body , the tenth body of mine, I shall prefer death.  I shall prefer to be bricked alive. I shall prefer to leave Anandpur, the city of bliss and walk on thorns. I shall, in other words, sacrifice everything this world can offer, but not my values; not my consciousness.  Because consciousness is the only friend and the soul is the only strength.  Everything is geared towards this….

…In every state of consciousness, if hand of God has blessed you; if the Guru has adapted you; if the light of God has come in you; if your soul has found out a way; please for God’s sake, let your soul find and complete the journey consciously, morally, ethically. I say to you today, give yourself a chance. There are hundreds and thousands of unfortunate who do not even know the chance is there.  And if you have it, try to live it. This is my prayer; this is my blessing; this is my wish; and this is my will; that God Almighty, through His mercy, may give each human every possibility and strength to give them a chance to understand their consciousness, believe in it, live with it and proceed with it. So that on each turning of life, when they are challenged, they stand there by the strength of the commitment of their soul and let not passion, commotion, neurosis and ignorance, destroy humanity. Things can happen beyond your expectations.

Seek the hand of God as protection.  Don’t ask Him to take juice of you. The grinding wheel of nature, when it comes to His fury, it grinds people.  As you have seen some time, the juicer takes the juice off the oranges and then lays a long path. I don’t mind that long path, eight point four million lifetime. God bless you, but unfortunately there’s no chance to get out of it. I feel this is a chance.  It’s a beautiful chance and we all should try to make it a very wonderful and very conscious and very, very pleasant chance.

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