The Secret of Happiness

September 9, 1980 |

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Here is an excerpt of this lecture:

Man is not very powerful, but his magnetic field is. It is very surprising.  Once a person came to a saint and sage or a holy man and he said, “Baba what is the secret of happiness?”

And the saint didn’t open his eyes and didn’t answer.  After a while he asked again, “Baba please for God’s sake, let me know what is the secret of happiness?”

Saint opened his eyes, looked at him, then closed them and didn’t answer.

He got very frustrated.  He said, “Baba am I that unfortunate?  Can’t you please tell me what is the secret of happiness?”

So Baba opened his eyes, looked very carefully looked at him and then closed his eyes, and didn’t answer. He said, “Baba please, I am asking you, I have come such a long distance.  I pray do tell me what is the secret of happiness?”

Baba opened his eyes and again closed.

He said, “You see you are closing your eyes.”

He said, “You should do the same.”

(Student’s laughter)

YB: Secret of happiness is commitment of the mind within the polarity to the factual unisonness of reality.  Otherwise you are corrupt and corrupt people will never be happy. It’s a corruption.  It’s a mental corruption, and it’s a unique type of corruption, that you mentally live as a corrupt life. There is no unisonness of it. If you are a young girl or young boy, they are feeling sexually lonely.  When they get married, then there is a problem of marriage.  If they live as a boy and girlfriend, they want to shake each other.

I was listening to one story today of life of a person, within last two weeks the psychiatrist has tried fourteen methods.  They have all failed. Because method works with mind.  To work the method to receive the technology and work it out is mind.  When mind is corrupt and it has a duality, it is split personality, how can you be happy? Problem is fundamental, you are not beautiful, you may do hairdo, you may dress, wear silk, you may put around you diamonds, you may show anything, you may have degrees, but you are not great. Because mind is not in the state of unisonness and mind brings the fall, mind lifts you up,

“Mann jeetey jug jeet”

Win the mind you will win the world.

Mind… I have seen a person in Paris I met one person I look at him I said, “You look like an American.”

He said, “Yeah.”

I said, “Ever you like to go to America?”

He said, “No, no, no America, no America.”

I said, “What is wrong?”

He said “Just wrong. I, I, I don’t like America.”

I said, “Where you have born?” He told me some town in Ohio. “Why you left America?”

He said, “I don’t like it.”

“What you like in France?”

He said, “Nothing.”

I said, “Why you are in France?”

He said, “Because I am not in America.”

He has nothing for France.

I said, “Do you like Spain, do you like any part of the Europe?”

“England he says it’s boring, it’s cloudy, it’s nonsense, people drink here I don’t like them at all. I love American people, but I don’t like America.”

Now I had a chance to talk to him couple more minutes and I found out a very deep reality, and the reality was, his parents forced him to love America.  His school wanted him to be totally Americanized. He was not given the values.  He was given the pressure.  And now in his life he is just reacting to that pressure and that is I call it a double sickness. First you have suffered in child, first you have suffered as a child, now you are suffering as an adult.  And combination of two will be you will be miserable in the old age. You have not left childhood because you have, you have a pain of the childhood now you are reacting now.

Now you just see what American tendency is. Watch it carefully. American can gossip about anything, talk about anything, think about anything.  But whenever American will have an economic problem, monetary problem, American is never together. Do you know that? Give American people threat of jobs, and you can get them to vote anyway you like. America can stand a pressure anything, but one pressure you can’t stand– monetary pressure. Because why? Because going through the monetary pressure you need a balanced mind, you need commitment.  Always against money you can only survive if you know who you are? Because you have to learn to know you are the one who created the money, money didn’t create you.

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