The Siri Singh Sahib in My Life

December 8, 1979 |

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Gurucharan Singh is sitting to the right of Yogi Bhajan

This is from page 128 of the book, “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib” and was written by SS Gurucharan Singh from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I will not say I understand who this man is.  The Siri Singh Sahib has a vision and is living that vision.  His entire life to the very essence of his being is a sacrifice.  To me, he has been all things:  my teacher, father, brother, friend, soul.  He has always given me what I needed, not what I wanted.  For this I am thankful.

I call on God the Creator of the universe and I thank him each day for bringing me to this Dharma, this boat that is carrying me across the difficult world ocean.  I thank Him for the builder and captain He put in charge of this boat, who has built this boat with his own fiber, his own sweat, and who untiringly, with strength, humility, sacrifice, service, compassion and the wisdom of the Infinite sails us all across the world ocean.

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