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A poem by Gurutej Singh Khalsa, Espanola – November 6, 1995

The Immortal God sat in His Grace
Relaxed in the Infinite, His dwelling place,
He sang to Himself His songs of cheer,
Though He realized there was no one to hear
How sweetly He sang, or to hear His laugh ring,
Though He knew He was alone, He continued to sing.
No song was repeated, no words were the same,
But each song He sang was a song of His Name. -I-

From those sacred sounds that fell from His mouth
He formed the Creation, the North and the South,
Those infinite vibrations formed the East and the West,
He formed the Sun, Moon and Stars, by far His best,
He created the Heavens where the angels would dwell,
Then just for a laugh He created the demons and Hell!
The deities He created to serve Him His tea,
Then He formed up the mountains and brewed up the sea. -II-

The planets He formed and spun them around stars,
He created the Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars,
He spilled the galaxies across the carpet of the night,
Then, when He was ready, He created the Light.
Still, He kept the darkness, for each thing has its place
And in His finest masterstroke, He created Time and Space
And continued to sing with the joy of His heart,
For what He created was the ultimate work of art. -III-

The deities He loved as they wandered around,
Then they stumbled into Hell, where the demons they found!
He laughed when that happened (He was getting bored),
And when they started to fight He laughed ‘til he roared.
Still, there was more that He could form and create,
So drawing in His breath He began to meditate.
Deities and demons caused Him to laugh with mirth,
But still, He was not complete, so He looked to planet Earth. -IV-

An idea struck Him, He knew what to do,
As He regarded the Earth green, white and blue,
He studied His creation, the sky and the sea,
Then thought to Himself, “I can’t make another Me!?
“Yet, I’m Omnipotent, unlimited and vast,
For all this Universe I created so fast,
There must be much more to Me than I know,
I’ll create another form, then to the Earth I’ll go.” -V-

The deities and demons and all of their chelas
Made a yatra to Earth in the first kumba mela,
He divided Himself into three, but remained One,
“I must be Great because look what I’ve done!
One to Generate, and get this creation to go,
One to Organize, to sustain and make it to grow,
One to Destroy or Deliver, we’ll see,
What a wonderful creation this is, by Me!” -VI-

The deities set up shop and began running around,
And the demons set to work, tearing it down,
They fought and they feuded, such a passion play!
But their quest for power was getting in the way,
“Time to complete it, time to make Myself whole,
Time to push further, yet maintain Self control,
Time for a way to return to My primal sound,
So only on Earth will that chance be found.” -VII-

So taking the mud, He heated it with fire,
Then threw it through the air, higher and higher,
It spun and it grew, creating a great sound,
Then landed on Earth and the creatures were found!
In His deepest expression of Love, He gave each of them
His sweet sacred kiss, then the breath they drew in,
They flew through the sky; they crawled over the land,
They swam in the sea, then some started to stand. -VIII-

He smiled when He saw them, He laughed with great joy,
“I feel so happy, like an innocent young boy!”
He stopped in his tracks, “Now that’s the next thing,
I’ll create Mankind and my Name we’ll all sing!”
From within His own heart he squeezed His Divine blood,
“I would walk on this Earth Myself, if I could,
But those who are Human will walk in My place
And by calling My Name, they’ll all see My Face!” -IX-

“Yes!” He thought, “Then they’ll know they are Me!
I mean, I am only One, but I’ll be fun to see!”
Then He turned to the deities, “Look here, My dears,
These humans you must guide to Me, through their fears,
Bring them together with care, then bring them to Me
And don’t fight with the demons; they’ll get in the way, you see.
This is all I ask of you, for I do love you too,
So do this with Love, you must see it through.” -X-

So to the human creatures the deities reached,
And they began to guide them, they began to teach
The use of the breath and the power of the Word;
Those sacred sounds which bring bliss when heard
And Mankind grew in consciousness and grace,
It was there in the heavens and on Earth, in each face
And deep in each human the Infinite power was given,
For there, behind the navel, the Kundalini was hidden. -XI-

Then, in each human the Serpent rose to join her Lord
And all of Mankind bowed in reverence to the Word,
For the sacred Kundalini, the coil of the lover,
Unwinds and rises, spreading her hood over
The arc of the Man who to her remains true,
Giving wisdom and knowledge – some called them Guru,
But this is the right and privilege of each soul,
To raise the Kundalini; to be complete and whole. -XII-

Throughout the Universe all the beings sang His praise,
For the joy of the Ages and their spirits to raise,
The angels hovered low, as Mankind began to rise,
And prayed to Akal Purkh to give them the prize
Of the human incarnation and the gift of the soul;
That they could join with Him and together be whole,
For it is only on the Earth that exists the Law of Karma,
And the only way to avoid it is upon the path of Dharma. -XIII-

Of all His Creation there was none more dear
Than the tiny little man whose prayer He would hear,
The prayer of the innocent, the prayer of the heart,
The prayer of longing caused His blessings to start.
Then the deities and demons began to see
How innocent and gullible Mankind could be,
So out of their jealousy they began to deceive,
And eventually Mankind they began to mislead. -XIV-

Rather than show the way to the Infinite Creator,
The deities gave powers; God could come later,
So in the quest for power, Mankind lost his way,
While the deities rose before him, to lead him astray,
They told the innocent man that they were the Whole
And in the worship of the deities, Mankind lost his Soul
And forgot that he is Infinite and to whom he belonged,
But the great Akal Purkh kept singing His song. -XV-

“Time for a change then, it’s Time to recreate,
After all, I am God and my Creation is great!
I’ll transform myself and touch this world of form,
I’ll take a physical body and as a human I’ll be born,
I’ll set a clear path; in fact I’ll make two
So whatever the personality, Man can find his way through.”
He pulled Himself up; He focused in His heart,
Then loosed that Infinite Energy and let the next Age start. -XVI-

From the Infinite Creator, two Divine channels grew,
“One I’ll call Jewish and the other one Hindu.”
To each He gave His secrets; to each He gave a Way
For Mankind to track his life, so God could watch His play,
To each He put His tests, to challenge every Soul,
To touch that place of reverence that makes the Spirit whole.
“Have no fear, my children, you’ll always have a guide,
I’ll walk on Earth among you, I’m always by your side.” -XVII-

In the desert, the Jews walked in circles for forty years,
To release them from their bondage and free them from their fears,
He gave the Ten Commandments to test them to the hilt,
But because they could not keep them, the Jews created guilt.
Some became ascetics and lived in caves by trickling streams,
They guarded the ancient secrets and were known as the Essenes,
Who understood the Universe and technology of the mind,
But they kept those secrets hidden, bringing pain upon Mankind. -XVIII-

The Hindus understood the order of life for Man,
Those intricate principals by which the Universe ran;
That Divine technology and how it should be applied,
But they kept that knowledge secret, rather than to guide
The people through their lives, to free them from their pain,
They kept the masses downtrodden, so only a few would gain.
They kept the worship of the deities to pacify the masses,
Then divided the society into limited castes and classes. -XIX-

God took many incarnations to make His message clear,
He walked upon the Earth with those He held so dear.
Through all of His channels he had many forms and faces,
He appeared to many people in many lands and places,
He always showed the way and He was known by many Names
And in each earthly situation, His message remained unchanged,
“The Truth lies there within you, though you look for it outside,
Meditate upon my Word and forget your foolish pride.” -XX-

Gautam was a Hindu, a privileged and pampered youth,
Who saw how Mankind suffered and sought to know the Truth
Of why it is we suffer and what is the way to be free,
So he left his pampered life and sat down under a tree
To meditate for an answer, to try to ease the pain,
And after many long years, Enlightenment was what he gained.
He became known as the Buddha and walked the Middle Way,
Until by his own disciple, he was poisoned and betrayed. -XXI-

Through the land of Israel, walked a Nazarene,
Who openly taught the people the secrets of the Essenes,
He taught the common people, opening up their eyes
To the desecration of the Temples and corruption of the rabbis,
He screamed loudly to the masses, “Heal Yourselves, don’t look back!”
Then he was betrayed and stretched like a hide upon a rack
And from within his breaking heart he cried into the blue,
“Forgive them all, my Father, for they don’t know what they do!” -XXII-

That simple act of compassion from that broken man,
Started a chain reaction that spread throughout all lands,
But what is before the people is not what Jesus taught,
For another form of control is what the clergy sought
And by the sixth century the essence of Christianity was lost,
Then upon a sea of guilt her congregations were tossed.
So as the course of History stumbled forward with a lurch,
The falling Roman Empire became the Holy Catholic Church. -XXIII-

Out there in the desert that had been circled by the Jews,
A man called Hazrat Mohammed began to spread the news
Among the tribes of the desert who had been left behind,
That the One God stands with us and He is Merciful and Kind,
Allah is how He is called, its plain for the faithful to see,
Spread the news across the world and kill all who disagree.
So, like flames before the wind, Islam spread across the world,
Then into wars of religion, Mankind was stupidly hurled. -XXIV-

The Hindus attacked the Buddhists and killed them where they stood,
The Muslims killed the Hindus and bathed the idols with their blood,
The Christians fought the Muslims, sending their own children into war,
Then turned on their congregations, spreading the Inquisition far.
The monks hid in the monasteries, the Yogis hid in their caves,
While the priests, pundits and mullahs sent thousands to their graves
And huge cults of personality were built around those men:
The ones called Avatars, whom God had entered in. -XXV-

“Well,” he thought to Himself, “it’s Time to make a change,
Time for some adjustments, Time to rearrange,
Time to start the transition into another Age,
Time for the course of History to turn another page.”
Then He looked into himself, “So let the process start!”
And He meditated profoundly, probing deep into His Heart,
“All those who I’ve sent to carry the message in My Name,
Left cults of personality and the Truth is lost, to their shame.” -XXVI-

“All I ever wanted was for them to worship the Sound;
That is their True Identity and the Way that I am found.
They cannot worship a man, or an idol or a stone,
They must direct themselves by that experience, which is known,
The time for Faith is passing; the Time for Truth has come,
Time to give the direct course, to find the fastest way home.
I will roll myself into the Shabd Guru
So all who bow can find their way through.” -XXVII-

The Father of the Bedis was given the call to begin
To ignite the Light of Wisdom within the hearts of Men,
He took the incarnation and laughed out loud at his birth,
For he brought the Shabd Guru to life on planet Earth,
He stepped into the river and dived deep into his soul
And emerged as Guru Nanak with the Universe in his control,
“There is no Hindu or Mussalman for the Immortal God is One.”
Then he began to weave all the channels into a single one. -XXVIII-

Guru Nanak found one disciple; through every test he stood true,
So the one known as Bhai Lena, became Angad, the Guru.
Guru Angad spread the message that Guru Nanak had given,
And formed the Gurmukhi script so the Shabds could be written,
He missed Guru Nanak so painfully that he locked himself away
In a tiny little room, where he could meditate day to day,
Yet without the True Guru, a Sikh has no hope or life,
Then his Sikhs found the Guru and their love removed his strife. -XXIX-

There was an old man who for twelve years served the True Guru,
Then set out in the darkness on a night when a cold wind blew,
On his back he carried Guru’s water through that dark and cold,
Then Guru Angad blessed him saying, “The Guruship now you hold!”
Oh, Honor of the Honorless, we call on Guru Amar Das,
Oh, Hope of the Hopeless, we call on Guru Amar Das,
Oh, Shelter of the Shelterless, we call on Guru Amar Das,
Strength to the Weak and Lost is Guru Amar Das. -XXX-

Jetha was an orphan, the streets of Goindwal he walked alone,
Then Guru Amar Das blessed him and gave him shelter in his home,
He served the Guru’s langar with divine humility and grace,
Then Guru tested his heart and gave him the Guru’s place.
Guru Ram Das, Sodhi Sultan, gave to the world the Sarover,
Where those with a prayer, though beaten at heart,
find the hope to start over,
Guru of Miracles is Guru Ram Das and his temple is open to all,
Then he passed the flame after seven years and Arjan
answered the call. -XXXI-

Guru Arjan took the Word and gave it a definite form
For by his hand, in perfect Raag, the Adi Granth was born,
Then to turn the Destiny to meet the coming Age,
He sat upon the hot plate, a serene and humble sage.
He sacrificed himself, to show us the way that’s right,
Then passed on to his son, the Shabd Guru’s Light,
So as Guru Arjan Dev quietly met his end,
Young Bhandi Chor became Guru Hargobind. -XXXII-

The master of the world, the master of the soul,
This is the way of a Sikh to be complete and whole.
He established the Holy Akal Takht, wearing two ringing swords,
To be the temporal world’s master and her spiritual lord,
Bidi Chand brought Dilbagh and Gulbagh to Guru’s door,
And when the Sultan heard it, his army went to war,
But the army of Guru Hargobind stood and faced the fight
And sent the Moguls running into that cold, dark night. -XXXIII-

Holy Guru Har Rai was gentle and kind,
With a compassionate heart and a humble mind,
He kept a standing army, though the animals he loved,
For the Law of Compassion is how the spirit is proved.
Then Guru Har Krishan, a beautiful child of five,
Kept the Radiant Light of Guru Nanak alive.
There, at Bangla Sahib, he took on himself the plague,
And the painful suffering of thousands, by that sacrifice was saved. -XXXIV-

For twenty-seven years Guru Hargobind’s son
Sat in a tiny room and meditated alone,
In his secret solitude he received the Light of the Guru,
(Although it was a few weeks before anyone knew),
Guru Tegh Bahadur, in his simple grace and peace
Quietly sacrificed himself to bring religious relief,
He bowed, then gave his head and merged into the One,
Then passed the Light of Nanak to Gobind Rai, his son. -XXXV-

Rishi Dusht Daman, as he was known before,
Was given the hukam by God to go to Earth, once more
To finish the job and rearrange the flow,
“But only if You work through me will I go.”
He created the Khalsa to reign supreme
And through them he became Guru Gobind Singh,
He took the Adi Granth, and made it the Siri Guru,
To guide his beloved Khalsa ever straight and true. -XXXVI-

Once again, by the Grace of the Sword
Mankind shall bow only to the Word,
Then the Immortal God looked to the West,
“Time to bring out of Myself the best,
Time to unite all the paths I’ve laid,
Time to redeem all the souls I’ve made,
Like oil upon water, Guru’s word will spread,
So in every land my Precious Ones will be lead.” -XXXVII-

The Time is right now; the New Age has arrived,
Where the way of the Guru is the way to survive.
For God in His perfection, took a simple stone
And polished it through the Ages, it is the only One,
Then the sacred Kundalini He carefully placed inside
And set it on the Earth with all His Joy and Pride
And that gem of a Yogi has brought the Word of the Guru
To all those fallen angels, who are simply, me and you. -XXXVIII-

Gurutej Singh Khalsa is a yogi, warrior, businessman, poet, healer, and teacher. For 35 years he studied Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of the Sikhs from his teacher Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, aka Yogi Bhajan (1929 – 2004). As a trained law enforcement officer, Gurutej was a personal bodyguard and aide to Yogi Bhajan and traveled the world with him. He is the Founder of Akal Security, Inc., which he grew from a small start-up business in his living room to the largest privately held security services contractor in the United States and largest provider of protective services to the U.S. Government. Gurutej is a respected and recognized teacher, speaker, healer, and counsellor in his own right and has taught Kundalini Yoga, the science of meditation, and the teachings of the Sikhs all over the world. In 2001 he published a book of poetry, Children of the Cusp, about his experiences as a student on the spiritual path under the guidance of a great teacher. In 2014 he published his moving and inspiring novel RAJNI, which was awarded the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence. Drawn from myth, legend, and historical events and the first of a trilogy, RAJNI is a deeply moving epic about the powers of love, sacrifice, and the elevation of the soul. Gurutej Singh lives in Singapore with his wife and son.  Click here to purchase a copy of Children of the Cusp

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