Three Facets of Human Beings

July 20, 1982 |

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Listen to this lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on July 20, 1982

Here is an excerpt:

We have been blessed in virtue as human being with three things. One is body, one is mind, and one is soul. Soul is the highest self; body and mind are there to serve the soul. Normally, if the body is not well, and mind is alert, we can do lot of things. And normally when mind is not good, and body is well, we can do lot of things. Actually, body and mind has been given to serve the soul. That is the only situation where we fail. We start either serving the body or we start serving the mind.

Actually, when the two servants start serving each other, the master goes hungry. You understand that? And that is why souls are hungry, souls are empty, and souls are in pain. Soul is tied down in this ribcage and is a slave because God has given its power to you to be in time and space. So for x amount of time, for x amount of space, soul has to find liberation. And soul can only find liberation Ram Das Kaur, if mind and body serves it.

Ego is essential to keep the identity, but ego is not essential to ruin you. And I don’t, well I have to say it again and again, there is no place in God’s court for any ego. Ego is given to you here; ego doesn’t go there. There your soul and your subtle self go to present itself.

Therefore please try to remember today is a great blessing that we have been blessed to be here, and it is a great blessing that traditionally we have this darbaar and we wanted to share with our guest. Exactly in the Sikh tradition, we are all in learning, we are not in any perfection, but we are being guided by Guru Ram Das in one way or the other, and we accept his will as it happens. But I wanted to share those three words with you that purpose of life; the attitude of life is to serve the soul.

Serve the master, feed the master, clean the master, and soul is the master on this earth; not the body, not the mind. That’s why all emptiness, negativity, anger, attachment, all what you feel, you feel because you are not enjoying to serve the master, the soul. Instead you are serving the body and you are serving the mind.

Tradition of Guru Ram Das is simple. Its door is open to all; those who come and those who leave. And that tradition, being Guru’s tradition, shall be maintained. That’s why here we never maintain to initiate anybody, and we never went after somebody, ‘please don’t leave’.

House of Guru is a open door and it belongs to all. Those who are blessed with Guru Ram Das, to serve in any capacity, are the blessed one. We wish that all should be blessed in that way, and Guru knows all, and Guru knows all what is going to be. May I feel blessed today to be among you and being privileged to have the special Gurdwara, Guru’s court to be here.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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