To Be a Teacher

June 15, 1996 |

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Drawing by Yogi Bhajan

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan given on June 15, 1996.  Scroll down to view the full video lecture.

You have to learn just a few things. Don’t be yourself when you deal with your students. Can you do that?

The beauty of a teacher, and the duty of a teacher, is in not being himself or herself. Because moment you become not yourself, the pure channel of energy you become, between you and God there’s no difference at that moment.

Then you know what the problem is. Then it’s not your problem.  Then God has to come Himself, to cover Himself, because God is a teacher too and He won’t let him fall.

You are a teacher when you go by the code that you have been taught, and you stick with it. Then Almighty Creator shall create the environment to honor you, save you, protect you, and create a miracle to take you through.

When you deal with a student, take away his garbage and give him essence and height and love, then you are a teacher. That’s your duty. Whenever you add your personality to it you ruin your self and ruin the other person on the spot.

Your experience is important!

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