We are the People of Love

November 6, 2020 |

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This is Yogi Bhajan at his birthday party in (I think) 1970.

Very early in his time in America, it was a kind of hippy scene. So the language he is speaking is to that time and place.

This is a jam. There was no rehearsal, no song ahead of time. This was Yogi ji jamming in his 3rd language!

And, OK, he wasn’t known as a singer. He’s just going with the flow.

He is teaching by singing the message. This was practiced by the Sikh Gurus and many others.

They start off slow, then the ‘band’, a loose collection of musicians gradually picks up a rhythm and the song takes shape. It’s pretty familiar to westerners, but I promise, it was not a ‘thing’ to Yogi Bhajan.

The song that develops here, was later turned into one of the anthems of 3HO. “We are the people, the people of love. Let us people love today.”

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