When Nothing Works, Remember Eight Words

April 23, 1979 |

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Excerpt from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles, CA on April 23, 1979

Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru. What is it? When nothing works, nothing can protect, no avenue is found, no health can be considered valuable, man is the end from the beginning to the end of the disaster, cannot cope with the time and space, all he has to remember is the eight words, Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru. Avenue will be found.  Time and space will give the way, to ensure God exists.

God, what is God? God is multiple of all. It is minus of the self. God is?

Students: Multiple of all, minus of the self.

YB: Minus of the self. Self without ego doesn’t exist. But self minus ego becomes God. I know you can’t understand in America, what I have said in very simple terms. But what I have said in simple terms, keep it simple.   Let us not make it complicated. God is multiple of all.  ALL.

In my experience now, I have found out there is a word we utter and hear called God consciousness. We hear it very often and we utter it once a while. It’s a state of human mind which joins the existing flow of multiple of all. It’s a very enjoyable state of mind.

About God, the beauty of creativity is very, very affirmative, excellent and very sophisticated. You sometime see the fall and you will find there is nothing. There is only dead tree and then you will feel there are leaves, and then they grow and sprout and then you will feel buds coming out and the buds coming to the flowers and all that very sophisticated, summer activity we call it.

Similarly are our thoughts. Similarly our thoughts grow the same way. We, unfortunately, have one bad thing, we have good thing that our thoughts can be positive and negative both. Man is multiple of all thoughts, positive and negative. God is the Creator of all multiple of positive and negative, but God is the balance, God is the equilibrium of the entire balance. Man is not, man is emotional. When you have negative thoughts, you are attached with the negative thought.  When you have positive thought, you are attached with the positive thought. Now where the strength of your spirit lies?  If you have a positive thought, and you go along with it unto Infinity then you are God.  If you drop it you are a devil. That’s the difference. Do you understand that?

I am trying to be very slow and casual so that you can understand the game. A thought comes, it becomes you desire and it’s a very positive thought, very divine, very positive, solo thought, your thought, positive thought, creative thought. But if you get along with that thought up to Infinity, then you are God. But if your will drops, devil means de-will. Your will is zeroed, de-will, that’s devil. Then you drop and you are a devil. A person who cannot uphold the goodwill of the divine thought is a devil. It’s not somebody’s bewitched, the psyche of the mind is controlled by the mind of the superior of the other side of the negative part of the human life. Don’t make it a big deal. It’s not.

I give you a very simple example; a graceful woman and a prostitute both are woman. Both are happy, both have their world, both have their profession, both have their duties, job, both spend time, both sleep, both eat, both do everything. Then who are you to say who is who? One who is not available unto Infinity is only attached with one is called graceful woman, pativrata. And one who can be bought and sold is called prostitute, simple. Process is the same. Process is the same. Process is not what I am telling you the greatest secret of Divinity is, process is not the commitment, process is the commitment unto Infinity. Process is not commitment, I commit, I bow, I surrender, I am, I am. That is a divine moment, that is a excellent moment. That is a excellent time, situation, space, world, whatever….

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