Where There is Love, There is No Question

June 4, 1992 |

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This lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan was given on June 4, 1992 in Santa Fe, NM, USA.

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Here are some excerpts:

It is our tendency that we want to live. And we want to be known; we want to be successful. With all that there is one problem: we want to be loved. That’s the subject which I am touching tonight.

There is a very simple question I am going to raise tonight. Love is in us. That will not go away, the need will not go away. Love has many meanings: “we are in love,” ” love is blind,” and “love turns sour.” That’s the question today. What happens to us that we love and then we don’t love? Same people, nothing changes. Between love and hatred, hatred and love, our life moves around.

What is love? I love you, you love me, we love you, they love us. If you do not love yourself to the depth of totality, you will never love love as a reality. And that’s the tragedy. If you do not love yourself unto totality of your own self, not of anybody else, you will never love the love’s reality.

So what is love? An expression. A demonstration. A reach. What does it teach you? Pain.

Romance doesn’t buy the groceries and love doesn’t cook them. Some lovers do cook food and some lovers do bring lots of romance and groceries, but the reality is there is no depth to it.

This subject, which I am touching today is the nucleus of our life. We love God, not in us, outside. We love our lover, not the soul, but the personality, the facade. You have never fallen in love with the nucleus of the soul of the beloved. If you can find the nucleus soul of the beloved, you can never separate.

“Oh, we are in love, we are in ecstasy, oh God, you can’t believe it.”

It is a perfect lie of the lovers. This is what they imagine. This is what they feel love is. Love is a restless, most painful pull, which has nothing equal in the world.

There were two lovers called Majnu and Laila. Somebody said to Majnu, “God wants to see you.”

He said, “What is the matter?”

He said, “He wants to see you.”

“Tell him I don’t want to see Him.”

He said, “Wait a minute, if God wants to come here and see you?”

He said, “No way.”

He said, “You see God here?”

He said, “Neither I am going to go to God, nor I want God to come here and see me.”

He said, “Why? Is there any way that God can have your blessing and see you?”

He said, “If He becomes my beloved Laila and takes her shape, her body, and gives me that feeling, I’ll be fine. Otherwise tell Him ‘Live in your heavens, I have nothing to do with you’.”

Now that’s love.

When you are in love, there is one thing only. When you are in love, there is nothing but love and you do not know what love you are in. If any sensitivity, any jurisdiction, any imagination, any territory, any facial form you are in, you are not in love. Love is a personified status of ecstasy of one’s own self. Love is within oneself. Whatever projectivity, objectivity, and subjectivity we love, that becomes you.

What love is, is the frequency of the psyche of an individual, which entangles with the frequency of the psyche of another person. It creates an un-separatable image. Totality of God is the love of self. And if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. If you see this is bad and this is good, you have already divorced fifty percent of you. And if you can deny fifty percent of you, you can deny hundred percent of you. When they say don’t judge, that’s exactly what they mean, don’t judge.

On this planet among humans, there is so much pain, because there is no love. I do not know what anybody can understand love is. Love is an ultimate power. It knows no defeat. It doesn’t know impossible. It’s a strength; it’s not a weakness. There is a tremendous amount of pain in love. That’s a realism. But do the lovers feel it? No. There is a joy.

In history, you will find people in love of God tortured in many ways. They smiled, they laughed. Where did their strength come from? It was their love.

You are master of your body, mind and soul. It’s a gift of God. If you cannot find your own reality, you will never find anybody’s reality. There is no love without reality. Everything else is false. When there is falseness, then there is no strength, no power; then there are conditions. Where there is love, there is no question. Where there is a question, there is a business, not love. Love is blind, that’s what they say. It is your power to live in love. 

Love is a natural phenomena. First love your body, then love your mind, and then love your soul and then love your totality, then love your reality. Five simple things to do. When you start loving your reality, the whole world will love you. My theory is very simple. I need two hundred million things. And I really need them. How can I get them? Should I go after everything and get it? I’ll be the most stupid living human being. Let me sit and let them come to me. I’ll receive them. You should be ready to receive. You should be ready to deserve, you should be ready to be. It is your potential. That’s what joy is.

Open your heart, you will be fulfilled. Trust in your prayer, it shall be answered. Dwell in God, it will be all happiness and bliss.

End of Class Prayer

Blessed God within my soul, blessed mind within my consciousness, blessed body within my intelligence, let peace prevail, let us all be united in oneness of God. May we all be healthy, happy and holy. And may the name of the Lord be in us all. Let there be peace for Mother Earth, for our families, our individualities, and our realities. Bless us, bless us, bless us, oh my soul, bless us, bless us, bless us now. Sat Nam.

Times are changing. This is the Age of Aquarius. I am for myself within myself, for all the totality and reality, dignity and Divinity to expel myself into another so I should shine as a star in the light of God, which I am.

The Piscean Age was, “Bless me O Lord, with Thy grace, take me to people where the knowledge is. I want to acquire it, so that when I achieve my end, I have this life journey.

Now it is, “In the beginning you, in the middle you, in the end you. Everything is in you. What satisfaction you cannot get from you, you cannot get from anybody. It is amazing that we who have lived in the Piscean Age are entering the Aquarian Age. How different we will feel. It will be a fun.

And also remember in the Age of Aquarius, life is two seconds. One breath in, and one breath out. If it doesn’t come in, it’ll get stuck. Adios, amigo—where there is ego, there is no amigo.

So let’s love each other for every breath of life. Let us love each other for every beat of heart. Let us thank the Lord for being with us for a moment. You have to come to the sophistication of Shunya point. It’s not that you have to wait thirty, forty years. It’s not true anymore. Happiness for everything. For each step you walk and you didn’t break your toe, be happy. For everything accomplished, you should be grateful.

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