Who Yogi Bhajan was to Me Then

October 14, 2020 |

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He was my spiritual teacher.

He was someone I looked forward to seeing every day. He was a royal being of majesty.

Listening to his words, whether they be to me or someone else, was an amazing experience of lifetime changes. He was a true master.

He had a way of cutting through the crap and talking directly to your soul, A space opened up where there was no question between you and him, in that moment you understood he was talking to the

“real you” and in your subconscious, he could guide you to correct what was incorrect.

He had a way of saying something that could take you within yourself and you would for one second remember your own timeless existence.

As a master, he walked us and continues to walk us, through lifetimes and thousands of layers of existence burning karmas along the way.

YOU MAY THINK LIVING IN AN ASHRAM or living the discipline of a spiritual life is easy…It’s the hardest life… But for me, the most challenging, beautiful and rewarding life.

Hundreds of his students created music, art, and poetry reflecting the universal wisdom he shared. I studied gemology and began making Malas to encourage prayer and Jaap repetition for anyone interested. Over 200 books have been written based on his teachings, as well as a wealth of CD’s, videos, paintings, and sculpture. He himself wrote over 30 books

He was like a magnet. People flocked to him.

Many young people were motivated by his words and adhered to the practices he taught and cherish the experiences they had.

He gave many young people the gift to be able to interculturally relate. Simultaneously, he taught them a strong practice as he taught us, giving each generation what they would need to move forward with their own families.

He passed on the ancient teachings. He brought us to the feet of our beloved Guru. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib with deep respect and grace.

He taught me and gave me an in-depth experience of love, forgiveness, patience and compassion and it its my sacred duty to pay it forward as a teacher. He gave each of us what was needed to play our part accordingly.

He knew me in a way that, I know, no one ever will again.

He made every day unique and special for me.

He told me there are no miles between those who love.

I spoke to him then, I speak to him now and through that depth of love he is always present within my heart, my psyche and my existence. I am very sure of my life, my relationship with my Guru, and my identity.

Kudrat Kaur

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