Yogi Bhajan Demonstrates How to Chant the Long Ek Ong Kar


In this video, Yogi Bhajan demonstrates how to chant the LONG EK ONG KAR, by vibrating the cavity behind the nose and forehead, he calls “the conch“.  (Beginning at 18‘10; the full mantra with the second part begins at 22‘15

“Listening is not a matter of hard labor. It is just telling yourself that I must listen to myself and that’s the first step of friendship between the body and the soul and it is done through a meditative mind. You breathe? Do you listen into the sound of the conch in it?
Oooooooongggggggg…… kar.
Ik Ooooooooongggggggg…… kar.
What Nanak did? He opened your conch. And what you did? Ik ong kar, sat nam, sat nam, you are running horses? And if you are very sweet, ik ong kaar, no, no.
Ik ooooooongggggggg… Kar.
The class chants: Ik ooooooongggggggg…kar.
YB: Inhale deep and start. (Chanting continues…)
(22’15) YB: SAT!
The class chants: Sat Naaaaaaaaaam… Siri…… wah hey guruuuuuuuu…… (Chanting continues…)
YB: What you will do? Ek ong kar, sat nam, siri wahe… Ik ong kar and some people are very beautiful. Wahe Guru, wahe Guru, wahe Guru… I think in last life they were jackals. They do not understand how to have a reverence for Guru mantra, it can change you inside out. I don’t know what you will do in life but if thirty minutes of long ik ong kar is chanted early in the ambrosial hours, you don’t have to read a book, you don’t have to know anything.“

~Yogi Bhajan, Oct 25th, 2000

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