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February 5, 1991 |

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I have no choice but to speak in my high voice or I shall never be in a position to speak forever so, choice is not with me anymore. This thing is not improving, but they say in six weeks, voice will come back to normal, so I have publicly decided, no more cheating.

There is a problem, what I know nobody knows, so actually the idea was in my last mile of life I should leave the knowledge, for record, you may enjoy it or not or you are going to do it or not, that’s not my problem. You know, I go out through everyday through lot of hassles, dealing with people is very difficult problem, people have their phenomena’s, their facets, their projections, their insecurities, lot of fears, that’s the way this whole world is, angry, upset, because third Chakra is not balanced, third Chakra is in life, yes or no, high and low is balanced at third Chakra, is a point of pure energy, if you do not know to balance third Chakra, you may have all the degrees, all the knowledge, all the money, all the beauty, you shall guaranteedly be unhappy, because it is not what you feel, it is not what you know, it is not what you can do, it is how you can balance it.

When you cannot balance, you cannot live.  Think of a car which drives out of balance, and watch out how long there shall not be accident.  Our life is full of accidents and incidents. Majority of the accident we don’t want, but they do happen.  When things happen beyond us, it is when we have not balanced them. Now you think, I can balance, right, not true.  This is how the human brain works.  As you hear you should balance it.  As you say you should balance it.  You can’t do this later on. So the body and the capacity of the body has to balance it, maybe I am teaching this very secret science, God doesn’t want it, He said, “All right, shut him up, that’s the only reason I can pick it out,” but we are actually telling you the secrets which we won’t read in books.

The inner bone has three bones, the inner ear, there are two bones and, one hammer on both sides, what I say you don’t hear it, it is that not, not, not, which brain picks up and translates it in the center of understanding. Center of understanding, in our body, nervously is controlled by the navel point. So your eyes, ears, and tongue, throat, is controlled by navel point, whatever you hear, whatever you see, and whatever you say, is controlled by this navel point. If navel point is little up, diarrhea, if it is little down constipation, if it is on the left side, gas, if it is right side, (throw up), and all it has do is one millimeter, one millimeter. If the navel point is one millimeter off your entire digestive system, your feelings, what should I say, you are not you, then you go the Doctor take the medicine, what medicine is that, which suppresses it, that symptom nerve system, calms it down, but it doesn’t go away, then it shows up, have you seen that sometime, sometime your this arm hurts, sometime this shoulder hurts, sometime this.

Eighty percent of headaches are because of the navel point, eighty percent, ninety percent you get tired because of the navel point, but still, this, there is no point, there is only, it used to be when you were a child all energy came through it, you didn’t have the breath of life. Something, which sustains you without breath of life, something which nurtures you to be a human without breath of life, is it dead? No, it’s alive, your entire nervous system is controlled by it, “What did you say?”

The other person say, “You heard me.”

“Yeah!, but I don’t understand,” navel imbalance, you hear but you don’t hear, what was that, you see you didn’t see, sometime have you talked to people, they say something, you say, “What? What are you saying?” There is no juice in it. In normal language we say, “Guts.”

We are going to work today and tomorrow on this Chakra. About the Geography of it, I will say in my language, you can read it in the book, doesn’t make much of it, it has that many petals, it has that many sounds, this is what it is.  Then what? If you know something Geographically, but you do not know what it is and how to use it, you can’t use it, it doesn’t mean to say, so we are creating a relationship today, with it. The tape I am going to play with it, “Humee Hum Brahmhum” we are we and we are God’s, you understand?  It’s very good beat, the words are very simple, but you will speak these words.

Watch me, “Humee Hum Brahmhum” “Humee Hum Brahmhum”, “Humee Hum Brahmhum.” you will speak, you will be worst than me, .., because you don’t have practice, but maybe after thirty-one minutes, now, nobody is perfect on this, it took me about year and a half, I think, about eight, one year and about eight months, to do what I will do now. I think, when a child is born, as he walks or trained for potty, he should be trained to adjust third Chakra.  It’s so important, but the tragedy of it is there is a tragedy. Tragedy is if you do not know how to balance and your third Chakra automatically do not balance you, you can’t do it later.  Game is over.  That’s the tragedy of it.

Awaken the Kundalini, do the whole thing, that doesn’t mean anything in real words, I mean if I want to sell you something I will say, ‘awaken the Kundalini, ‘I am the Mahan Tantric, come to me, I will…give me fifty thousand dollars,’ that won’t work. Awaken Kundalini means, all hundred facets of pressure, are automatically balanced by you, then serious things are balanced, then you play around, you have no worry, you don’t care, you enjoy life, you concentrate, you are intuitive, you know it, it is not like a watch, you have to wind the third Chakra and the spring is full, and then you can enjoy it, this doesn’t work that way, it has to be invoked, initiated, and it has to be automatic.  It’s a real work.  What is the benefit? Benefit is, you can’t be beaten, once it is on. What is the tragedy? Tragedy is you will remain fully, it doesn’t know what you do.

In Psychology, we work on anger, childhood anger, this, that, guts, so many things.  We try to make theories. In medical science we work on systems, you know physical, mental, some diseases are psychologically physical, some diseases are physically causing psychology problem. Now let us talk about religion. If you are religion.  Doesn’t matter which religion you are, I don’t care you know, they all, all are brands, it doesn’t make sense to me, ever, from day one. But whatever your religion is, if it does not make you Infinite, that you can love, and you can be free, and you can be happy and you can be you, I don’t know which religion it is? Religion means, you become real…

 I am known as a religious man, I am or I am not, that’s not my problem, but take me anywhere, I won’t dress up like this, I will wear blue jean, you know, no, no, no, no, no, I am telling you and open chest shirt.

No, no, I did it once, I am telling you, and I will wear some funny shoes.  Take me there, in one minute they will realize I am religious man, one minute, it won’t take more than sixty seconds. It is not that I am religious man, not at all, my very presence is religious, you talk to me anything, playboy, this boy, that boy, you will find me always turning you around, to letting you understand, there is a higher self, it’s not that I don’t joke, it’s not that I am cut throat humorist, I make jokes on everything, with few people with whom I am very free, or where I feel I am educating, not that I am prisoner of war because somebody ego is projecting and I have to defend myself, because people who come to me are just like glass, little rub, crack. So you have to be very compassionate and keep them in a very kind situation.

First of all, when a person enters I know from the aura, whether person is coming or a fraud is coming or a, deer is coming or elephant is coming, you know I don’t have a problem with that. Rarely who human walks in to me, you know, so you understand I am handicapped, put yourself in my position, you will commit suicide, really I have to tell an idiot, how happy I am to see him, how beautiful I am to see him, how marvelous it is, what I am trying to actually do it, to bring balance in his third center so, his arc line maybe human, before I can talk, you don’t understand my tragedy, I am a born blind man, all I see is arc line aura and bah, bah, bah, and what I see, I compute at a spontaneous time, now tell me if you see somebody as Mr. A and you feel him as Mr. Z how you will deal with it. But I have a mission to accomplish, that’s a mission of delivery, sometime we discuss, sometime things with some people, there is a one student of mine, we have been discussing this it from last three years,

He said, “Sir, draw the line.”

I said, “Where? World is an ocean, you draw the line on water what that means?”

One day he was arguing for about two hours, very convincing, he read the books, he read the American history, he read even Indian books, he even quoted Guru Gobind Singh, ‘draw the line,’ I just, in the end said, “Do you believe in God?”

He said “Yes!”

“Do you know anything about God?”

He said, “Little bit.”

I said, “When He draw the line.”

He said, “I said, if God cannot draw the line,

‘Rukh Ruuaan Ki Rozi Na Taarey.’

This is, I said, “Guru Gobind Singh” God doesn’t get angry with anybody, God doesn’t take revenge from anybody, God doesn’t deny any, one who denies another person, has nothing to do with God. Denial is not God, but where is the courage in us to accept, that whole thing, here, at the third center, we can be totally unique, perfect, our presence can work, we can be beautiful without any setup and charm, if we have our third center working for us, they say it is dormant, I agree with it, it is dormant and we are dormant, you know what we do, we do something, you know for what, to live, to survive, we do nothing to enjoy life, tell me what you do? Anybody can tell me?

Is there anything you do to enjoy life, because none of you has a balanced observation, you cannot observe and think and then balance, you have to be there, well, wait a minute, you take honey, you get the taste spontaneously, you take red chilies, you take the taste (?), so is the life, you take the taste of life spontaneously, does it run in brain, no, does it run in hips, no, does it run by the skin and the sensors, no, balance is observed at the third center, brain only multi, magnifies it, do you understand.

Today and tomorrow, I will work on it, if we have to work little more than what we could spend another week, I want you to honestly understand, once in lifetime, what I am talking. I know, you do not know what I am talking. You touch here there is a little one point, it was once a place, it was okay, it never gets sick, no pimple on it, why should we bother about it, it doesn’t bother us, we should not bother it, that’s the attitude. Actually, without the activity of this point, everybody lives in a dungeon. Life means nothing, then we have a substitute, sensations, drama, trauma, problems, magnitude, mind, we play games, you know why we are slave to our mind, because our this third point doesn’t balance life, so then we start thinking, why?

Why, it’s as high as sky, there is no answer to that, why, it’s a run, it’s a blind run, everybody’s life is a blind run, I can say it, because I have experience of it. It is such a run that you can’t stop, is this run essential? No. Needed? No. What is it? It’s a waste of time. You want to do it the hard way or the soft way, come on, how you are ready? Hard way will be difficult, you are Americans you know, let us do slowly, right. Hard way is to make the Mool Bandh, root lock, and then do it, that’s very damn difficult, but it’s enjoyable, it’s very sensual, now you are ready, hah, hah, I know you.

(Students laugh)

I can persuade you, the way I want it, but actually let’s do it scientifically, slowly, see what it is? Balance your hand in such a way that every part of the hand, palm, fingers, meet exactly in balance, and put a pressure there, exactly as, as it to pressure the nerve at the navel point. Navel point and this pressure will play just like a heart beat, this pressure will be like this, like this, I am doing on the sides, so you can see me, you will keep it here, and both hand will press, when you press the navel and, and with the tip of the tongue, you will chant. You are going to do three things, your hand will press like a beat of the heart, by your will, your navel will be pulled in, by your will, with the press of the hands, and your tip of the tongue will talk, “Humee Hum” this is how you will all talk, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” it will look weird, but don’t worry, in the long run you will open up, okay, understand? Make the spine straight please and balance your hand exactly in a way that you can feel every part of the hand, and then let’s do it, okay.

(Tape, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” is played.

YB: (Over the tape) You will have a fun tonight.

Side B

(Tape, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” is played.)

(Tape stops)

Inhale, inhale and now pull the navel and press the tip of the tongue and concentrate, let it go, now, again, inhale deep consciously, hold the breath, now pull the navel inward and the tip of the tongue, let it go, now if you have not done it twice right, do it this time, inhale deep, deep, now steady, pull the navel in, press the tongue tip tongue, hard, relax.

I did not let you go through it, it’s a part of your life, now, we did it, just assess yourself, don’t bother, you are not going to tell anybody anything, just feel. It is such a quick difference you can feel, you don’t have to convince anybody, that Infinity, that God, that Purity, that power, that pure power is in your navel point, you can’t buy it, you can’t sell it and I cannot give you, you cannot take it, but I will give a technological knowledge, through which you can initiate it, so it’ll start working for you, what that will mean ultimately, I am not saying that there will be no problems, I am not saying there will be no rush, I am not saying that there will not scandals, I am not saying anything, but you will be untouched.

You can sit like a lotus, in the muddy waters and enjoy life, that is the power of the third Chakra, it keeps you instant, Infinite, experience of your life, no time can measure it, no waste. There are lot of things in life, but there is nothing like this. Now, for five minutes we pray for peace, and there is a tape, right, and we will sing it with our heart, for five minutes. Now listen, if a American is dying, or if a Iraqi is dying, death is death, and war is war, you can contribute and participate in that war, giving your prayer for peace and who knows who’s prayer will work, all that guy has to get out of (?) and save his skin, that’s all it is, he doesn’t, he didn’t know, he, I believe it.

Why we want war? We want to test it out. I tell you why we went to war, I mean forget about American politics. We went to war, to test it out, whether our new billions of dollar war machine works or not, and poor guy invited us, that’s all it is.

(Students laugh)

Who is going to go and live in a rock, tell me, anybody of you? No, it is not true, but we have to test it out what we have, he offered the opportunity, they are never going to have ground war, are you kidding, what for? They can nail him right from the sky, why should they bother, everybody band together, you know why? British want to test their war machine, even the French, who I never understood, will ever join, they are testing their own aeroplanes or they are sending the message to Russia, your MiGs are no good, this is not a war, it’s a human tragedy, there is nothing in this war.

You know what will happen in real war, where we will conquer Iraq, liberate Kuwait, then we built up Iraq, then we will believe, without Iraq there is no balance in that area, first we will beat it, then will nurture it, first we destroy all the bridges then we will built it, this is, this is what we do with Japan, this we did with the Korea, this is what we did with Formosa, this is what, oh Germany we spend everything there. So, world has learnt, when they want to be rich and great, they pick up war with us.

(Students laugh)

Really, that’s the American way. First beat a heck out of them, then built them up. Japan is no bigger than the human pancreas, it’s just a little thing, he is giving us the money, can you believe that. Germany waged two world wars, now that is our ally, friend. We guard its borders, we do everything, we give him everything and they are having a fun, they are not worried, now they say, because of two world wars we are not joining it, period. When war will be over, we will send the engineers to built it up, which American way is. But you know, human tragedy is a human tragedy, let’s pray in our own way, you know as exactly we want to pray.

(Tape, “Ang Sang Wahe Guru…” is played)

(Tape stops)

Our prayer is, that with each atom of their life God is, that’s what we are projecting, where wherever they are, near or far, whatever the status is good or bad, God be with them, that is the prayer, the feeling of oneness. Just imagine you are there in that desert, first imagine that, that’s what the imagination is useful. Imagine being there, imagine being with these people and then feel and pray, that God be with them, the total of them, with all of them, thank you. “May the long time Sunshine upon you.”

Students sing: May the long time Sunshine upon you…

YB: God, Almighty bless us, bless all these people, give them comfort and peace, be with them in life and death, bring peace to the Earth, that’s our prayer, give us the strength to pray, give us the strength to be, give us the strength to elevate ourself, Sat Nam. We will meet tomorrow again, thank you.


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