Yogi Bhajan Lecture: In Case of Doubt

June 20, 1993 |

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A lecture by Yogi Bhajan given on June 20, 1993 at Summer Solstice Gurdwara, Ram Das Puri, NM, USA

Here are some excerpts from this lecture:

Between birth and death you will face three things: karma, bharma and dharma. Karma means action and reaction. You like to create action, and every action will have a reaction, and you have to face the reaction. The problem with you is that you want only actions and results—impossible. That is not the way of life. Every action, no matter how religious, how great, how wonderful and grand it may be, will have reaction.

Doubt is as good a part of life as that of action. Bharam—doubt—is as good a part of life because without doubt, without bharam, your action and reaction will not test you with your dharam—with your dignity, your integrity, your faith, your identity.

You know what dharma is? When anytime any temptation, any respect, any insult, any tragedy, any calamity, any gift, any virtue comes to you, you are only you at that time and nothing else.

When all comes to you or nothing comes to you—if all comes to you, you don’t get inflated; if nothing comes to you, you don’t get depressed. Now how to achieve that? When you serve, then the master takes care of it. When you serve this planet, the karma of this planet, then your dharma is to serve, and then God shall come through. He will never abandon you.

Every man has a mission. A mission has a magnitude and you need manners and attitude to complete that. That’s your karma and that is your dharma, and that which will totally take you away from it will be bharma, that’s the doubt. No person sitting here or anywhere in the world is going to suffer if they understand that there is no place for doubt in their life. Doubt not, my friend, you will lose the bout of life. Doubt doesn’t go without Guru’s grace.

God gave you dharma because God doesn’t trust you with your intelligence, your logic, your reason, your money, your achievement and your success, because God knew that you may forget Him.

This Age of Aquarius has a different religion than the religion you have practiced from the last five thousand years. The past won’t work, philosophies won’t deliver, assurances will not deliver, men won’t deliver, institutions won’t deliver. Nothing will deliver you to you. You will learn the science to deliver yourself to you first and come out and serve others. That is dharma.

God made you as you, right? And you have action and reaction, karma. And you have a duty to fulfill, dharma. And you have a doubt whether you can or not—that is bharma. Then just understand, in case of doubt, you see Ang Sang Wahe Guru, God is with you. You will get through.

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