Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Love the Truth of You

April 5, 1983 |

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Excerpts from a lecture given on April 5, 1983, in Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes you are known by how unlimited you are. As unlimited you are, that much divine you are. As limited you are, that much human you are. And as much as you undermine yourself, that much idiot you are.

You must understand that there is nobody who can damage you, there is nobody who can undermine you, there is nobody who can limit you. Your power is in your own self. How you project yourself is your strength. How you limit yourself is also your strength. But how environments limit you is your weakness.

How anybody can limit you is your weakness. How you can limit yourself is strength. Limit is not a weakness, but if somebody else limits you, then it’s a weakness. There are some things which say stop. There is a sign called stop—that limits you. Then you have to obey that sign. You are limiting yourself because your knowledge tells you that that sign means stop. It is called understanding.

God made a person to be himself. You within you is the cosmic law and in that cosmic law the light within you is the projection of you.

I know we don’t have habit to speak the truth, but the aura doesn’t know how to lie. I like to see how much one is near to one’s own truth—how much of a handle on your own life you have, and that is a deciding factor of how happy you are. I am not talking about my truth, his truth, that truth. I am talking about having control of your own truth and the love you have for your own truth. The question is how much can you handle your truth; how much are you willing to pay for your truth; how much do you love your truth; and how much do you know your truth. That is in proportion to how happy you are.

You play games; the game played you out. You leave this Earth empty-handed and your destiny is lost. Games are no good because all those who shall play games, one day games will start playing them and they will be tired. They cannot catch up with it, they cannot make it up, and then they will fall on their face. That’s how the most precious life which we earn is gone to waste.

As an individual—religious or non-religious, wise or not wise, effective or ineffective—you have to understand how much you love your truth and how much your mind keeps you away from it.

Without a meditative mind you cannot handle the following things: you cannot handle happiness, you cannot handle your truth, and you cannot handle your personality in relationship to other people. I have seen people coming and trying to be, to be, to be. I totally understand their desire, their sincerity, and they really want it, and then they get side-tracked—not by environments, not by any greed, not by any attachment, but by their own mind. Mind is faster than time and space. With your mind you think you can slip somebody up. Your own mind can slip you up.

Those who follow their mind end up crazy. Those who make their mind follow end up as a sage. That is the game. Let your mind follow the path of truth. What truth? That you choose. Relate to your mind.

Blessed God, bless us with nobility, with peace, with tranquility, with honor, with dignity, with Divinity, with grace as human beings. Give us the power to be related to the truth we can dispense freely and fearlessly. Give us the consciousness to be kind and to be compassionate. May we resurrect ourselves in the heights of Infinity and find the dignity of the godhood. May we bless this Earth with thy light, and with thy grace grant us to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, so we can serve those who need us. Sat Nam.

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