Yogi Bhajan Lecture: One Human Family

March 10, 2021 |

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Excerpts from a lecture given on May 20, 1995

Let us understand today that we have come here for a purpose: to clean out, to change the pattern and restart, so we can live with an open heart, open mind, with love and affection. That is the purpose of human living.

If we squeeze down, close down ourselves, and start judging and punishing and laying rules on each other, all we are creating is fear. We can only win by love. Love has no side. Love is not a box. Love doesn’t mean that you love somebody and you can put somebody in a box and close the lid. Love is an openness of heart, vastness of mind, and the brightness of the soul.

When the pair of opposites doesn’t work—when appreciation doesn’t bother you and abuse doesn’t disturb you, you remain neutral, and then you are united with your Creator. We have come here to watch the play of God. This is His planet, He rotates it, He can take care of the routine. That’s the way life is.

There are five tattvas and you have seventy-two nerve centers. So when you recite the mantra, you become an instrument of seventy-two strings and you vibrate. When we chant mantra, our being becomes an instrument of seventy-two thousand nerves, and the five elements of the cosmos in the micro-consciousness relates to the macro-consciousness and we create a unisonness, a oneness of you and God within you.

Life is to be happy. To be happy is our birthright because God is a totality; God is a happiness. Let us not cause pain to each other by our shallowness, by our duality, by our belittleness. Let us become as vast as God is and hug each other, love each other. So it is in that heart of us that we all live. It is the beat of the heart which is common among us. It is the breath of life which is common among us. It is the Creator in us which is common among us. So we are all one, like one sun. We are all the rays.

Let us be warm and shining and beautiful and bright. Let us not waste our time in hatred and pulling each other down and trying to control. If I want to give something to somebody, forgive. Forgiveness is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to others. That is the way to go. Please understand that we are all one for one God, for one clay of five elements. Our existence is for oneness, in duality we lose everything, in oneness we find the reality.

We are just one family of one God and it’s all good and bad—it’s just a judgment. That is what Socrates said, because there is no reality. Good and bad is my momentary judgment, and the moment the moment passes, good can change into bad, bad can change into good. So everything is non-reality. The only thing which is real is, we are one and one God and we are one human family.

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