Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Keystone of Prosperity

September 24, 1989 |

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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There’s a one word in the Sukhmani and you have heard it many times. The word is “Aad.” Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh. Aad Purkh. “Aad” is a very important word. “Aad”, the word, has to be explained to you because that’s the keystone for a prosperity, for richness, for endurance, for courage, for sacrifice.

Anything which you achieve in life is not because you are intelligent. Because intelligent is only a maneuvering power. Intelligence has no other purpose. Through intelligence you maneuver, you plan, you strategize things, and you work it out. That’s your intelligence. If you think intelligence is more than that, then you are a very, very living stupid. Because intelligence doesn’t mean…

When you take pride in your intelligence just understand, you are not at absolutely more than what you could maneuver. And what do you maneuver?  What you are trying to achieve? Ask those who have built palaces. Ask those who have ruled. Ask those who were absolute rulers of this world. What they got? They might have been appreciated. You might understand. This is how you value things. If somebody dies, there are 3 million people with him, taking him to the graveyard. Let’s put it that way.

I think sometimes when you understand Guru Nanak and feel Guru Nanak in your heart, and you understand he is your Guru, then you also should listen to him. The problem today with the Sikhs is that they want to listen what they want to listen. They do not listen to Guru Nanak. What Guru Nanak did to us is not what every other person can do. Guru Nanak brought us the total psychological, sociological, biological and projective future. That’s what… Guru Nanak did nothing. He just computed the universe for us. For God’s sake, if you don’t understand that, you will not be successful. You will be getting into the rigmarole of making money, living, dying, and going to bathroom and vomiting and eating and digesting and bragging and flattery and flagging. That’s all you will do.

You do not understand something very typically that I want to explain to you. I have met saints and sages, they always worry how big an ashram is, construction is going on, how we are going to work it out. They don’t even stop, they are more worried than ordinary anybody of you. And these days there are people who do not even come around with me, because they cannot stand my computerized applied consciousness, which we call as a simple wisdom. And one of them is Pink Krishna. And I want to go on record in history.

There are people in this sangat, they think if they are around me, I am going to tell them something to which they don’t want to listen. Yes, I can see through the corruption, that I know. But you have to understand: life is not the way you think life is. Life is a very computerized, absolutely pre-orbit-rated, and pre-circulated and pre-circling psyche. Human has to understand that he is on the earth and earth revolves on its axle and on its orbit, and it is also totally standardized by the magnetic field by all the stars, and all stars are equally effective as we are, and within ourself also there are chakras, there are tattwas, there are gunas. Father, Son and Holy Ghost is within us. Gunas are: we are angry, (tamas); we are imperial, (rajas); we are sattvic, we are saintly. Tattwas you all know: it is ether, air, fire, water, earth, blah blah blah. And there are chakras. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Eighth is the aura.

We have ten bodies. I don’t want to give you the whole anatomy of your psychological, physiological and metabolism and all that. I’m not discussing that. I’m trying to understand– intelligence only means action and reaction, and manipulating energy through which you can pass your day. Beyond that if you think intelligence is of any use, you are absolutely dead wrong. Even don’t try to use it that way. And never brag about it. Because within the action and reaction, if you pass your day very safely and gracefully, that’s all it is worth.

Consciousness is not a big deal. Consciousness is when there is a temptation and there is a power, and there is an attraction and there is a magnetic psyche which wants you to go in a way where you don’t want to go, and you stop. It means you are conscious. You are alert, you are conscious and you are within your own control. Then you can manipulate. Consciousness helps you to manipulate towards success. Nothing more than that.

But what is in you really? What we are talking about? Who really you are? Really. you are a self-creative, time phased, electromagnetic field. You are the Aad Shakti, you are the Aad Purkh. You are the original being. One of the greatest things. Why there is a pain in your life? Why you are all poor? Because you think you have to earn! By earning, nobody can earn. By manipulating, nobody can manipulate. By being clever, nobody can be clever. These are the 3 instincts which are beyond your control: thinking, (sochanaa), speaking, and hunger. These are three powers which are not in your control. They are automatics in you.

And Guru Nanak spoke very first words: “Soche sochanaa hova-ee je sochee lakh vaar, chupai chupanaa naa hova-ee je laa-eh rahaa liv tar. Bhukh-iaa bhukh naa utaree je banaa puree-aa bhaar…” And the greatest theologian of Sikh religion,  Bhai Vir Singh — greatest — it will take us a century to produce a man like him, and the greatest professor of Sikh religion: Professor Sahib Singh, they both totally freaked out. They totally, absolutely transferred this whole bani by saying it is “Suche suchanaa hova-ee je suchee lakh vaar.” Purity cannot be purified by the purifying, if you do it a hundred thousand times. Why not? Kabir didn’t get pure? Guru Nanak himself didn’t get pure? Danand didn’t get pure? There are so many bhagatas here. If they are not pure, what they are sitting in the Siri Guru Granth for? Purity IS possible. The purpose of life is to be pure. Purpose of the life is to be original. Purpose of life is to be innocent. Purpose of life is to be Aad Purkh.

Only Aad Purkh can see So Purkh. And Aad Purkh can live in this maya as Sat Purkh. And this is what it is all about. There’s no game about it.

And these two greatest people who I respect and I bow to their wisdom totally did a most grammatical job. Because there is a biharee into siharee, because there is bindoo into ooraa… because this… because they could not stand before the words Guru Nanak said, “Soche sochanaa hovaee je sochee lakh vaar.” By thinking a million times your thinking cannot produce anything. Because the difference between animal and a human is that a human’s thinking is as good as his intellect is… because intellect gives you thinking. You like it? No. You want it? No. You want to avoid it? No. You can’t do anything about it. A thousand thoughts per wink of the eye, the shashara gives you. And that’s what your life is about.

So where lies the secret? Being a Sikh, being prosperous, being happy, being fulfilled, and being gracious and being saintly and being leader and being environmentally very satisfied, being everything… nothing but satisfied, satisfied, satisfied. As they say in real estate, there are three things in real estate: location, location, location. There are three things in a human’s life: satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfaction.

How you can be satisfied? How you can be satisfied if your nucleus is all right and your nuclei are within your nucleus? That is the Aad Purkh. Your real being, your real being is what you are! Your real being is that God. Searching outside for God is a waste of time. It is totally useless. It will never come through.

You go to a holy man… Never go to a holy man that he will give you something. Go to a holy man if you want wisdom. Vichaar karo sochonaa. Thaal vich tin vasatoo pehee-o sat santokh veechaaro. “Veechaaro” means applied consciousness should be reviewed, because consciousness has degrees. That’s the only place where you have three stages: individual, geographical or circumstantial. Time and space makes the consciousness. Individual has his consciousness, and then there’s the Infinite consciousness.

Aad Purkh is who believes, trusts and loves infinite consciousness. Sat Purkh is who believes, trusts and also understands — understands through his third eye, through his intuition, through his consciousness and through his grace that there IS God, and that He does everything.

One day a person asked me, “What is the proof God does everything?” I said, “Don’t breathe for a few minutes. God will do everything.” “What will happen to me if I don’t breathe, I’ll die.” I said, “I’ll be saved from the botheration of this neurotic question and you’ll get the answer.” “How I’ll get the answer? I’ll be dead.” I said, “You’ll be standing before the justice of God. It has to happen today, tomorrow or one day.” Dharam Rai has to ask you for the lekha (the account). You have to give it. No account can be closed under chapter seven or chapter eleven. Balance sheet has to come through.

You people think, some of you think, “We can declare bankruptcy. Then what God can do?” Some people think, “We can have everything, then what God can do?” Some people think… you know, there are very weird beings: “Anek matee ke.” The saints are of different virtues. Some people say, “Put a loincloth, run around. That’ll be fine.” Some people say, “Decorate yourself and that will be fine.” But is that fine? No. Fine is to search within you for the YOU within you.

I was telling to somebody this morning and they said, “Where did I go wrong?” I said, “You have gone wrong. You have understood me as Harbhajan Singh. You have loved me as Yogi Bhajan. But you have never understood I am Siri Singh Sahib. I have to serve the Dharma and sometimes in serving the Dharma I may have to cut my own throat.” I have no choice. There comes a life in a man where your life is of no value to you. The only value of life becomes when you have to come to your own basic decisions.

You can pass your time in your family. You can pass your time in your wealth, you can pass your time in your entertainment. You can pass your time, but do you know you cannot pass your time with yourself? Do you know that you all are the first rate, absolutely neurotic enemies of yourself?

People think they are doing great when they come to a sadhana. My God! What great they are? It’s a chance to come together of those who just want to pass their time with themselves. You know why people get bored coming to the gurdwaras? Because here you have to be with Guru. You cannot be with anybody else. Here you don’t have to be even with yourself. Here you don’t have a chance to be with yourself. Here you have a choice. Either be with Guru or don’t be. In the morning sadhana you have a choice. Either be with yourself or you will be nothing. During the day you have to be also with yourself in the psyche of the nuclei of the Aad Purkh.

You forget one thing: wealth will not give you anything, health will not give you anything. They say, if health is gone, something is gone. If money is gone, nothing is gone. If health is gone, something is gone. Character is gone, everything is gone. I said, “If your YOU within you is gone, there’s nothing to relate to.”

And you know one of my pains is, I am 60 years old, I really am in very bad pain. I see most stupid people and they are all religious, including me. I think you don’t even understand religion. And I am saying, if I have to be reborn today, I’ll start today a hundred times more forward than I could have started. If I have to relive my life today, I’ll not be sorry.

Do you know I have wife also? I have children, I have grandchildren and I love to play with them. And do you know that consciously you are all my children, and I want to play with you too? But you are so scared of me. You are so afraid that I’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear. Do you know when you will stand before the Dharam Rai, before God for judgement, you are not going to hear anything which you will like to hear, so better to hear right now. It is much better to hear now than to hear then. Get into a habit.

There is a story which I have told many times…

One day lord Shiva became very angry. He got angry and he said: “There shall not be 12 years any rain on the earth and people will die.” People believed him. One day lord Shiva and Parbhati were going, they saw a peasant just plowing the field. He stopped. He said, “Hey foolish man. Don’t you know I am Shiva?” He said, “Then what?” He said, “Don’t you see I have cursed there’ll be no 12 years of rain?” And he said, “Then what?” He said, “Why you are plowing the field?” He said, “What is it to you? You did what you did, I do what I do.” Lord Shiva said, “I don’t understand.” He said, “You are a lord of the three worlds. You are lord Shiva. You are deliverer of the mankind. You don’t understand this little stuff?” Shiva said, “I don’t.” He said, “Look, you have cursed that you will not blow the conch for 12 years and there shall be no rain. All right? That’s true, and it will happen. I know it. There shall be no rain for 12 years, there shall be drought, and you are asking me why I am ploughing the land. I may die. I may not live 12 years. Then tell me why I am ploughing the fields. Because I don’t want to lose my good habit. My good habit is that I am a peasant, I have to plough this land. I don’t want to forget my good habit. I want to keep my muscles. I want to keep going. I want to be. I don’t care if you are the lord of the Universe or not. You may be a God yourself, but I want to tell you, I’ll still plough the land.” Parbhati, his wife told lord Shiva, “If this man can forget habit in 12 years, maybe in 12 years you cannot play the conch.” He said, “I cannot forget anything. What are you talking about?” She said, “All right, then play the conch. You say you don’t forget it. Play!” Lord Shiva played the conch, and there came rain like a cat and dogs. And he said, “What you did? You tricked me into it.” She said, “No, I just wanted to know whether really if this little peasant of yours cannot forget a good habit, you may forget it. And see, you played the conch and rain came.”
And the peasant said to lord, he said, “You see, it’s always good to have a good woman around.” And so it is, since centuries this thing is said: “Behind a great throne, there sits the goddess of the throne.”

Because sometimes this question is always asked, “Why woman is not this? Why woman is not that? Why it is a man’s world?” It is absolutely truthfully not the man’s world. Never was, never is, never will be. Look at the poor man, early in the morning, poor guy goes and sweats all day and brings worry home and wants to be good to his wife. And she says, “Which secretary you talked to during the day? Who you had a lunch with? What kind of patient you see? How they were?” She’s not worried that stupid has sweated whole day. He’s coming home. He wants to have a good time. She has her own agenda. “Than peree naakieh ban katee hoay, ayk jot du-eh mooratee than purakhee.” Say, don’t call them great and wise who are great and sit together in great posture. Great are those who have got two bodies and one soul.

It is the agenda. It is the attitude. It is the aptitude of the man. It is the nuclei. It is the nucleus. It is the Atam Param bam. It is the soul. And some people ask me, “Where is your soul?” I say, “Under my foot.” You have two soles, left foot, right foot — two soles. You walk on it. Don’t tread on anybody. Don’t put your foot on anybody. Don’t put your foot down, they say, if you have a soul. It will hurt sole when you put your foot on anybody. Not only on friends. Only on the enemies… Archenemies.

Early in the morning I always have a mind to pick up one enemy, archenemy of mine, and call and discuss. First they call me names. Then they are extremely rude. Then they thirdly and finally stop speaking. But once out of the conversation something slips which is very useful. That is good. Good is everywhere. “Ist jio meh peitanaa jaano saad chor sabh brahm pachaano.” Don’t differentiate in life. A thief and a saint are both the creation of God. “Sabh karam potan nai. Bhugate kee bhugataan bhugatee meh bhugataa kiaa hei. Jugate kee hei jagat jugat meh jugataa kiaa hei. Ram te kee santaan ram rehiaa sabh meh paa-ee. Har naam dhyaaoh har naam dhyaaoh har naam dhyaaoh naam sukh dhyaaee.”

What is the big deal? What is the big secret? Not to recognize that God is in a disease? People say, “Oh no, no, no! I don’t trust anybody. I trust Guru Gobind Singh.” Well, read Jaap Sahib. “Namo rog rogay.” I bow to you. You are the disease and the super disease.” And you call yourself Sikh of the Guru Gobind Singh? “Namo jantar jantaray, namo mantar mantaray.” My God! Go to Jaap Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh says in the opening, “God, I am only reciting your kirtan naam — Kirtan naam jappai mere jeeva satinam tero para purbalaa.”

Entire Jaap Sahib… he classifies it, clarifies that these are all kirtan Nam. This is how we feel, know, understand God — by actions. Sat Nam, and don’t people say Sat Nam is known Nam, Sat Nam means true Nam?
You know these gurus? So called? They give their mantra. They think this guy who will recite their given mantra… they do not give mantra as a God’s mantra. They initiate people. When I came here, started teaching Kundalini Yoga, there was a great problem. In Kundalini Yoga you cannot do three things:

1. You cannot initiate a person. Never! You cannot initiate a person. Person has to initiate himself.

2. You cannot teach a person for free. Person must bring something before he comes and then only can you teach. He should give maya, you should give him heavens. That’s the exchange. There are things to do. There are do’s and don’t’s, everything.

3. And third is: when a person is negative, absolutely obnoxious, absolutely rude — elevate him! Don’t discuss, don’t decide, don’t do anything –elevate! And these are the three things which are obligatory. These are the three do’s and don’t’s, total sum of it. You will not do anything to create a problem. You will be part of the solution.

You cannot practice to tell people what is good for you or good for them. You will tell good is for that Aad Purkh. Guru Nanak worshipped Aad Purkh. Guru Nanak told us So Purkh. Guru Nanak tried to make us Sat Purkh. That is Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak is not what I or you think.

There are 22 major religions which I have studied. I wish I should have studied all the religions… had the time… but I studied them thoroughly as a good student. And I have found one thing: there are two great religions. One is the Sinduism. I will never call it Hinduism. Hindu means thief. And I am not going to repeat it. I never say it. I don’t believe it. So we will call it Sindus. And we were known as wise people living beyond the River Indus — Indu. Because this pathism, is the most perfect, pictorial religion. As A is apple, B is book, C is cat, D is dog. It explains everything. “Chowbee karor devte.” Can you believe that? Millions and millions of god and demigods and underdogs and everything is well explained. I mean to say, it is worthwhile going through it, and it is fantastic.

And then there is another religion from which you just stop. You can’t even study it. And that is Shinto. They will tell you why there is a blade and why it is green, and why it has to… when I studied these two religions, I said, “Well, how much time I have?” On average if I have 100 years, to study their three chapters will take 300 years. So I started looking for a religion.

I went to Judaism. You know Judaism is so well-explained religion, if you go through it… how to kiss a woman, how to kiss a wife, how to do this… it is so explained you can’t believe it! Everything is explained. Don’t do this Friday, don’t do this Saturday, do this on Monday, don’t do this.

And Sikh religion today is becoming almost like that. Sikh religion does not have any commandment except one: See God through everything and enjoy it! That IS Sikh religion! That is what Nanak says. Nanak says: “no say ‘no’ when you have to say no.” That is Nanak. And when you cannot say ‘no’, where is your ‘yes?’ ‘Yes’ is very difficult to say. You give somebody a gift — “Ah, I don’t want that. You have done so much.”

You give gift to somebody and see how much they freak out. Except me. You know? Because when you give me a gift, I say, “Thank you very much. Okay so and so, put it on the altar. See it is registered in the archives to go to Sikh Dharma.” What I do? I have to pray and I’ll sit and do my prayer. And what do I pray? I do very simple prayer. You should learn my prayers, too. I say, “Hey Guru Ram Das, this guy good and bad, has trusted me in your name. Now don’t freak out, listen to me.” These are normal prayers. “Now this guy has totally trusted me in your name. He has brought me a gift. Now please don’t freak out, just listen. Do what he wants. And if it is good for him, do it many times so I may get a next gift, better than this. And if he doesn’t bring better, it means you have not done his job and you are sorry. It’s not my job. Thank you very much. Now there is also another guy who has brought the gift.” So that’s how I count. Because my job is to count. My job is to pray. My job is not to receive.

People… it’s very difficult to receive, and it’s very easy to receive when you receive in His Name. But you have to learn first to receive a breath of life in the Name of God to begin with. You start with your living first, and that is Mahan Mantra: “So Hung” they say is Mahan Mantra. When you breathe in and breathe out it creates the sound “So Hung.”

I was discussing that day with a theologian. He was saying, “Pavan Guru.” I was discussing with him what “Pavan” meas. What carries the prana is called ‘pavan.’ “Pavan guru panee pitaa.” Because that is the first life of yours, is based on your pranic energy. Pranic body. You have ten bodies. It is not that you are going to die. But this earth will not be your karma anymore if the prana goes off.

And today the Sikh religion is being distorted. And it is distorted at a very highest political level. I just want to let you know, the Sikh religion first time has crossed the boundary of River Sutlej. Value it. And we are grateful to the Sikhs that they have carried Siri Guru Granth at the cost of their life, and they have brought it to you. I want you to be aware of it. You should always be grateful. They carried Guru with respect. And from onward today you should carry it with most respect. Don’t make Gurdwara as a club. Let your children come here and learn discipline. Let you come here and learn discipline. Let all your friends come here and learn discipline. Discipline here is to belong to Guru for that couple of minutes.

Go to sadhana to belong to you… come here to belong to the Guru… and move around to belong to God. These are the 3 aspects. If you can practice, you are a Sikh of Nanak.

When you deal with the world, don’t do hanky panky. You insult Nanak. I know a one man in New York, I won’t name him, because he is still alive. When he dies he will feel it. He does his banis perfect. He lives as a Gursikh perfect. He does Sikh charity causes more than I can understand. He is a pukka Sikh. But whole day he does hanky panky. In the evening you see him doing Rehiras, you will love it. I heard once his Rehiras, it is soooo exalting. In the morning he gets up amrit vela, he takes his shower, and somebody asked me question that day on telephone he said, “You know so and so?” “That cursed Sikh?” It came out of me automatically. He said, “Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, Yogi Ji, I want to ask you. What is wrong with him?” I said, “That man is stupid. His balance sheet is out of balance. Whole day all he does is to promote his Sikhee, how much control he can have, how much hanky panky business he can do. I mean, the whole day he slaps on the face of Nanak, but at
certain hours he is so methodical.” He said, “What it means?” I said, “Well, all his karma everyday gets balanced. There is nothing in the store.”

You know, you have to take something with you from here. This is a business center. This is an out trade post. Soul doesn’t come here to build palaces. Soul comes here to have some deposit to go back.

There are two… have you played the snake and ladders? This is a one point called earth. It is a very small planet. It is not very big. From here you can earn enough to go directly into Sodar, and see the Sopurkh. “So dar teraa kehaa so ghar kehaa jit beh sarab samaale.” Come on! You don’t read it? Start loud. Now listen to these guys. When you call somebody, he’ll say, “Heeeeeyyyy, come on! Where are you?” And if I ask you to read So dar, (he imitates a very weak recitation.) Why don’t you start crying? I give you Kleenex, everybody. Read Guru loudly! He lives little higher somewhere. Let him see and hear your voice. Come on, let’s read Sodar! (Sangat recites, not very together.) So darof the Rehiras. Wait, wait! There are two So dar. One is of the Japji and one is of the Rehiras. And there is another So dar. There are three Sodar. Everything comes in three. Go ahead…

(Ram Das Kaur recites So dar.)

So dar teraa kehaa so ghar kehaa, jit beh sarab samaale.
Vaaje tere naad anek asankhaa, kete tere vaavan hare.
Kete tere raag paree sio kehee-eh, kete tere gaavan haare.
Gaavan tudhano pavan paanee baisantar,
gaavai raajaa dharam duaare.
Gaavan tudhano chit gupat likh jaanan,
likh likh dharam beechaare.
Gaavan tudhano eesar brahmaa devee, sohan tere sadaa savaare.
Gaavan tudhano indr indraasan baaite, devatiaa dar naale.
Gaavan tudhano sidh samaadhee andar,
gaavan tudhano saadh beechaare.
Gaavan tudhano jatee satee sandokhee,
Gaavan tudhano veer karaare.
Gaavan tudhano pandit paran rakheesur, jug jug vedaa naale.
Gaavan tudhano mohanee-aa man mohan, surag machh pa-i-aale.
Gaavan tudhano ratan upaae tere, at-sat teerath naale.
Gaavan tudhano jodh mahaabal sooraa,
Gaavan tudhano khaanee chaare.
Gaavan tudhano khand mandal bramandaa,
Kar kar rakhe tere dhaare.
Se-ee tudhano gaavan jo tudh bhaavan, rate tere bhagat rasaale.
Hor kete tudhano gaavan se meh chit na aavan,
Naanak kiaa beechaare.
So-ee so-ee sadaa sach, saahib saachaa, saachee naaee.
Hei bhee hosee jaa-eh na jaasee, rachanaa jin rachaaee.
Rangee rangee bhaatee kar kar jinasee, maaiaa jin upaaee.
Kar kar dekhai keetaa aapanaa, jio tis dee vadiaaee.
Jo tis bhaavai soee karasee, phir hukam na karanaa jaa-ee.
So paatishaaho saahaa pat saahib, Naanak kehen rajaaee.

–So Dar from Rehiras Sahib

Now the Sodar you have chanted right now. Sodar you have chanted right now is from Rehiras. There is a Sodar in Japji. Sodar in Japji is well explained. It is subtle. But when it comes to Rehiras, there is ‘tere tudh’ it is in force, it is personified. And then there is a Sodar which is the totality of it.

Somebody was calling me this morning. He said, “I am in a trouble with money.” I said, “What is your problem?” He said, “There is a problem of cash flow.” I said, “Well, there is a tape of Narayan. Why don’t you take it and listen to it and play it, and money will come in abundance.” He said, “How come?” I said, “Look, that is a Narayan shabad by Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj. And where Narayan will be, where husband will be, wife will be there. Lakshmi is the wife of Narayan. It is a very simple thing. Get the husband first, wife will come automatically. There’s no problem. Then she won’t leave. Otherwise there will be a cash flow problem. You have nothing to worry about it.” He said, “Is it that easy?” I said, “Play it! If it is so difficult, then tell me. If it is so easy, then you have solved it. Five bucks or six bucks you have to invest on your own tape. You have not to give me anything. I’m giving you this information free.” He said, “I never thought there was a
Narayan shabad in Siri Guru Granth Sahib.” It shocked me. I said, “How many times you have gone to do Akand Path?” He said, “We do it everywhere. We do it in every house. Just now Siri Guru Granth Saroop is going and I am going to be granthi there.” I said, “What kind of granthi you are? You do not know in Siri Guru Granth, Guru Arjan wrote a shabad on a Narayan? And there’s not one shabad in the whole world which has done the praise of Narayan in those words and you cannot recite and repeat the words of your own Guru? And you’re telling me you have cash flow problem? Solve it!”

You guys have got everything in Siri Guru Granth. I am just trying to explain to you that. Try to understand. Now, read this Sodar in English at home, and compare your personal status with the status of God. You think you all love God and I believe you. I don’t. I don’t believe you. I was exactly four years old when I recited Japji. I used to recite and I used to make a comparative study. With a Sodar study read Sodar in evaluation and mark out what God has. It explains to you what God has. What is the idea of going after a garbage which you don’t know, which you don’t see, and which you cannot understand?

In Japji Sodar… right standing at the gate of God… Guru Nanak is telling you what God has. Then in the Rehiras Sodar he is confirming it. And then there is another Sodar in which he reconfirms it. For God’s sake, compare everything what he says in that! Right in your own hand! And then evaluate your own value. And then feel good or bad. That is who you belong to.

Then you want to know about God? Read Sopurkh in English. Find out all the faculties, and then compare those faculties with you. Then you will understand when I say, “Sada dhyaae jo ayk lakhe naam daas ee-aa oo-aah tere rakhe.” Then you will trust God. Then you will believe.

You cannot trust God if you will not know Nanak. It is no hanky panky. It is not hypnotism. It is not a miracle which you want. It is not a game to be played. Guru Nanak tells you and makes you believe and makes you understand what God IS! That is the JOB of the Guru. Guru’s job is not to tell you how he is, how many miracles he can create, how many times he can bring rain, how many times he can cure and heal people. You go to all these gurus, this is what they do for their public relations. They become mediums. Mediums are not gurus! They predict things. They become psychics. That’s not the guru. Guru is which totally confirms in you the Aad purkh. The God… and that is Sikh Dharma.

And there are five stages: Gur, Guru, Sat Guru, Siri Guru, Wahe Guru. That is why our Guru is Siri Guru Granth. Our mantra is Wahe Guru.

If you say, “Har” 1100 times, and you correctly say, “Wa-Hey Guru,” once… everything has a little bit of speciality about it. If you say, “AjOOnee Saibhang,” you blew it. If you say AAjoonee Saibhang… Say it the same thing, but say AAjoonee. AAjoonee Saibhang… it is perfect. If you say, “Wah Guru,” you blew it. If you say, “Wa-HEY Guroo,” you made it. That is the difference. There’s not much difference. Question is how you say it.

Guru Nanak tells you what God is. If you do not know in the light of Nanak what God is, you cannot believe in God… you cannot trust God. Keep on loving God and hoping you are in real love, without understanding?

Love is a power, folks. I am very misunderstood all the time and I misunderstand you, and you should misunderstand me and that’s a very good relationship between us. I don’t understand people who will love, what else they want. I think you love a rat. If you love a rat, Ganesha will come, because that is his walking horse.

Why there has to be worry? Everything in the world has two sides to it. You love nothing and you love everything. That’s all practical. But one thing is, you must start searching yourself, comparing yourself in strategy, and find out through your planning what God is, so you can trust God. Walk in the morning with trust of God. Live in the morning trusting God. Come home at the evening trusting God. Sleep at night, being God.
And that’s what Nanak says… That is Ik Ong Kar. One Creation, His Creation, and Creator does it. Feel within you Ik Ong Kar, and then you will be Sat Gurprasad. The Mool Mantra of Guru Granth Sahib is ‘Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.’ and the explanation of that is the Japji. And Siri Guru Granth is the explanation of the Japji. That’s how it is. And that’s why it is Siri Guru Granth and that’s why your mantra is Wahe Guru.

Gur is the formula. Guru — which tells you the formula. Sat Guru which gives you the satya, power, of that formula. Siri Guru who tells you the universality of that formula. Wahe Guru who gives you the ecstasy of the formula. Everything is a formula. Formula makes easy.

We used to joke in India, one is a formula, there is a bormula, rest is all nothing. It is a hill station in Kashmir where people used to go. So we made the joke. Now that was a very pleasant place. And we’ll say: “One who knows formula knows life. One who goes to Bormula has fun. Everything else is just a hell.”

So what I am trying to explain to you is that Guru Nanak gave you every formula to be successful, to be prosperous. It is true, I am Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful. When I said that, it was nothing wrong. It was true. It shall always be true. You can even have prosperity in adversity because prosperity is the other side of the adversity. You need a coin. You’ve got to grow. You’ve got to be. Walking this path of life, enjoy, relax, and feel one thing which Nanak told you: “Ang Sang Wahe Guru.”

You are 10 trillion cells. There are 3 inner cells in each cell. You are 30 trillion cells. There are 30 trillion gods dancing in you. That is Shiva’s dance. It continues. It never stops. It will never stop. The day it will stop, you will be gone. So long you are here, within this dance, sing the praise of the God. Trust Him, believe Him, and feel Him so that you can be beautiful, bountiful and blissful.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

(After prasad is served):

It is requested that in future you must bring your children and train them how to attend Gurdwara in the technology and methodology, and I am asking my Taurus to work it all out. She’s making faces, but this is what we want. And our children must stand with the Ardas and when the Guru leaves for the house, children must go in procession with the Guru singing and that will be Kirtan Singh’s responsibility. Is that understood? And next Sunday we will have to have a langar which will be mostly of sweets in honoring the demise of Dr. Soram Singh’s mother.



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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