Yogi Bhajan Lecture: You Within You

March 25, 1997 |

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This is a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on March 25, 1997 in New York, NY

Here is an excerpt:

This is the Age of Aquarius. In another eleven years everyone has to come to an understanding that there is a humongous emptiness in us and it will increase. We are spiritual beings born for human experience; we are not human beings born for spiritual experience.

This is the Age of Aquarius, the age of knowledge. You have to learn to behave in a way that you are you, and all the time you have to understand, in God we don’t trust—in God we dwell. That is the difference of the slogan. There is something in you within you, and within you is your identity. And that identity has to be protected. That identity has to be glorified. That identity has to be classified, that identity has to be disciplined.

What is self-respect? When you value your own soul, own identity, own personality, own reality. Have you seen a shop selling self-respect at thirty-six dollars a pound?

You don’t have intuition, I know that. You have emotions, not intuitions. The problem is that we are so emotionally attached, we want to attach to somebody. How can your attachment ever be true if you have never attached yourself to your soul? You have never attached yourself to your consciousness; you are never conscious to attach yourself to your character. You lie all day and you are a first class, qualified, certified liar.

You don’t believe me? Take a tape recorder, put it on and record whatever you say all day. At night listen to it. And you will figure out how much truth you spoke during the day. It’s not fun, it is true. You are all not real you because you are not clear, because you have no intuitive eye. These two eyes see all false, these ears hear false, your tongue speaks not a fact.

You have no courage, no capacity, I am not blaming you, don’t misunderstand me. I am telling you that inside you what can give you infinite power is your own spirit. Call it soul, call it spirit. You have no relationship with it.

And how much more can you live under this illusion, this maya, that you are human? You are already an enlightened being—you are born with spirit, you live by the spirit, you will die when your spirit will leave you.

God is everywhere, God is omnipresent, God is omniscient, then they say, “Go and find Him. Where? God is everywhere, you are nowhere—nowhere searching somewhere for that which is everywhere.

You never admitted so far that this planet Earth belongs to God. You think it belongs to you. That’s not true. Lord master of this planet and you is God Creator Himself. Call Him by any name, I don’t care. When your understanding is, “I belong to God and God belongs to me,” when the equation is complete, you are a saint. Then everything will come to you, you don’t have to hustle.

Don’t find God, be found by God. Don’t try to say somebody is good, be good yourself. God is good and good will bring you goods. You will be prosperous, pure and pleasant. Simply you have to open up. Idea was to enjoy, laugh and excel our life, this will change your chakras. It will make your transmission better, you will be a better human being.

So whether you are a woman or a man or a child, or you have neurosis or split personality in sixty ways or thirty-two ways, it doesn’t matter. All you need is you. You within you is very important. You without you is a mess. You within you. And within that ‘you within you’ is what your nucleus is. And that you have to find. That’s your beauty. And then everything is all right. Then what will happen? The master mind will give you all the opportunities. Nature will give you all the possibilities. Heavenly father will give you the energy to be successful. Happiness is not in wealth. Happiness is in your values. Contained, content and conscious. That’s happiness. Happiness is not being in pain and tragedy and all that stuff.

Each one of you has to become a master. If you cannot command yourself, you cannot obey yourself. When you cannot command your higher self and you cannot obey your higher self, you are guaranteed registered foolish. Your intuition can tell you everything, provided you command yourself. And then you obey yourself.

Life is very simple, calm, quiet, if you only say what you mean. Otherwise, you are very, very mean. You say it doesn’t mean anything. Speak only what you understand to speak. There is one fundamental principle: does it make me noble? Does it exalt me? Does it make me richer in my personality? Otherwise, don’t touch it. It’s easy to become rich. It is ultimate to become wise. A learned person never fails. Rich people fail all the time. So concentrate yourself, learn to be learned. Live well.

Thy Creator that gave me the soul to walk through my Karma as a whole, to walk along day and night, to go through every wrong and right. Within Thy blessing, in my prayer I ask Thee. Give me the strength and the courage to be. Save me from ‘to be and not to be’ and grant me the wish ever to be in Thy Light, in Thy Name, in Thy Self. My spirit is pure, my mind is working and my body is sustaining. Give me the guiding strength so I can walk through this destiny from my birth to my death and beyond with purity, piety, with care, kindness and compassion, with loyalty to myself that I can excel and serve humanity as my best charity. Oh Lord, give me the strength as You are within me that I may satisfy to find You in my heart. And let each throbbing beat of my heart tell me all Thou is within me forever. Sat Nam.

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