Yogi Bhajan Letter – October 22, 1981

July 29, 2023 |

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My dear son in Divine,

Sat Nam. God bless you. Greetings from the House of Guru Ram Das where I have gratefully received your kind remembrance and affectionate thoughts.

It has taken 8.4 million lifetimes to come to grips with the mind and to be in love with the soul.

Keep going beyond this timing and space with your courage and with your timeless faith. It is a fun and challenging race to live in your grace.

May Guru Ram Das bless you, protect you, live in you.

In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humbly yours,

Yogi Bhajan

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  1. It was October of 2004 when Yogi Bhajan made his presence known to me. I was 9 months clean and sober from drugs and alcohol and had prayed consistently for the greatest support and healing for my life and my Soul. All I had was faith and hope. I had never heard of Yogi Bhajan or of Kundalini Yoga. I did have a great desire to learn and practice yoga for my own healing and awakening, yet I did not know what yoga to practice or where to find a teacher.

    One day in early October I felt this deep inner calling to connect with my Higher Self and ask the question – when is it highest wisdom to move to Boulder Colorado, as I was feeling a deep inner calling to move from Southern California to Boulder Colorado for my further healing. The answer shot into my mind like a lightening bolt! JANUARY 28th, 2005! It was undeniable and felt like a higher calling! I also did not know that Yogi Bhajan had left his body in October of 2004.

    Within a few months of moving to Boulder Colorado I started going to Kirtan at a yoga studio and fell in love with it! One night in Kirtan I overheard a man talking with someone about “Kundalini Yoga”. Hearing just the name Kundalini Yoga more than peaked my interest and inwardly I was like “What’s That?!”. A short time later I was attending a fire ceremony and met a woman who was a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her and I were in contact for a few months before the fire ceremony talking and working out logistics for a temporary group housing for others attending the fire ceremony.

    Upon meeting this woman she immediately shared with me a video of Yogi Bhajan Teaching. I witnessed tears in her eyes as she spoke with devotion and admiration of Yogi Bhajan. We then practiced my very first Kundalini Yoga Kriya (Sat Kriya). Shortly after returning back home, she to Massachusetts and me to Colorado, we stayed in contact and I was showered with the most gracious Divine Gifts! She sent me Kundalini Yoga VHS tapes and manuals, and taught me how to properly tune in and begin practicing Kundalini Yoga on my own!

    I was still suffering from severe trauma & PTSD from my past, and I was practicing Hindu mantras to garner Divine Support. Yet no matter how hard I practiced my mantras the support that I was desperately needing was taking way to long to manifest. When I practiced my very first Kundalini Yoga meditation on my own I was floored! It felt like the Divine landed in my hands and I had direct access to the support that I needed with an immediacy that I had I never felt before!

    I loved reading the manuals and studying the Kriyas and meditations. I also loved reading the effects that Yogi Bhajan commented on at the end of each Kriya or meditation. As I took on each new mediation and Kriya I palpably felt my life, my mind, my body and my Soul change right before my eyes!

    One day I picked up one of the VHS tapes and put it in the player. Yogi Bhajan was teaching a class and then he led everyone in a kriya. I began practicing along and shortly into the Kriya I heard Yogi Bhajan’s voice from the video say MOVE! as everyone in the class was practicing the Kriya. It felt like a lightning bolt shoot through my body and spine! My Soul woke up and I experienced Yogi Bhajan’s Subtle Body consciously for the first time!

    It then dawned on me, I realized – Oh My God, this is the presence that I’ve been feeling ever since October of 2004!
    I realized that Yogi Bhajan had guided me, led me to Boulder Colorado to meet the Kundalini Yoga Teacher that I met and to begin my Self-Initiation through and with Kundalini Yoga!

    Through every Kriya, every mediation, every life challenge Yogi Bhajan has been there with me! He has helped me to see and prove that there truly is a way through any block or challenge I am experiencing in life!

    Even though I was not blessed in this life to meet Yogi Bhajan in person, I love him beyond any words that I can express!

    He continues to guide and teach me through my life, every challenge and every experience.

    I am So grateful for him, his teachings and the powerful and holy legacy that he has left behind!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Eric/ Sat Charan Singh. This brought tears to my eyes! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and the teachings he has left as a legacy for us and the future. Love and Blessings to You!

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