Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Create the Life You Want (Part 1)

May 4, 2021 |

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We can do things out of ego, we can manifest things out of ego, we can desire things out of ego, we can plan things out of ego, but if they don’t fit into the master plan they will end up in tragedies.

Those who hustle and hassle and move and want, will not get anything. The time has come that you will have a meditative mind to wait and see what comes to you. Your mind will direct you to work towards the right channels. You will meet the right people. Our projection will give us satisfaction, fulfillment, and exaltation. We will act noble, gracious, kind and compassionate.

There are two ways of life. Be the nucleus and let Time and Space come and serve you, or go out and serve the Time and Space and be a nut.

The Executive Mind is a Projective Mind. It moves actions and resources. A lot of people fail because they can’t or won’t decide things. They hesitate and lose the timing or become doubtful and lose the leadership. They will discuss things, shuffle papers, and plan. The Executive Mind decides in seconds. When you have difficult decisions, like a surgeon dealing with life and death, this mind is essential.
-The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets

The Cosmos works for those who have discipline, who have longing, who have some goal to reach in their lives, and who make a constant effort to reach it. That is dharma. Dharma is in every day, in every action, on every side of the day. Don’t waste yourself into the maya of this Earth.

You know you have life. You can live. You can have all that you need and that is destined. But more than that, you can only get if you open yourself. Open your doors. A person has to open his heart to others. 
-Success and the Spirit

In our own understanding, in our own lives, we have a block. Though we are still children of God, we are also children of our egos. When we are children of our egos, we are afraid to even talk about our blocks. If we are not willing to talk about something, how can we get rid of it?
-Man to Man

The Guru should take away your doubt and darkness. He should rekindle your spirit, and redirect you towards your goal. He should remind you what reality is and keep you going toward that reality. He should remind you of your energy and remind you of your life so that you can mind your own business and keep going. 
-Kundalini Quarterly1976

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