Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Create the Life You Want (Part 3)

May 4, 2021 |

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After a while in our life, our subconscious gets loaded. We start getting into the inferior self of our life. It’s not that we are insecure because we don’t have anything. We are insecure because we cannot move in our life, our life current gets blocked. And that is what the diagonal energy (Tantric energy) does, it cracks it through.

As long as you will have spirit there is nothing which can stand before you. Everything will manifest around you when you will relate to your spirit. That is the secret to live above the clouds.

Now suppose there is something you want to move and it’s not moving. There is a block and it’s not movable. Then chant this mantra: Ad Such, Jugad Such, Hai Bhay Such, Nanak Hosee Bhay Such. It’s a lever. It is the biggest lever available to you as a mantra.

In your deliverance lies the ecstasy. In your deliverance lies your bounty. In your deliverance lies your bliss. In your deliverance lies your beauty. Everything else will fall short. Learn to deliver. Deliver yourself to your body and mind.

If you don’t have intuition, you don’t have potential. And you may say, “God’s curse has blocked me,” or “My enemies have blocked me,” or “My friends have blocked me.” I tell you one thing: you are your own enemy. Wherever your mind is not creative and it is not supported by your intuition, you cannot be free.

The diagonal force is, if you make a square and you cut it from corner to corner, it makes two triangles—a block is cut. Whereas blocks in your life are signs of bad luck, disease, discomfort, misfortune; two triangles are signs of happiness, prosperity and virtue.

That ability to turn negative into positive, to support all your actions with your facets and manners is the result of meditation. It comes with the refined mind. It is what develops through sadhana, aradhana, japa and discipline.
-The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets

There are two powers on this Earth. One is the diagonal force. It’s called a lever. Whatever you cannot move, you move by the force of a lever. The other power is a lens. What you cannot see, you see with the power of the lens. The human lens is his third eye, intuition. The human lever is the Tantric energy, the diagonal force. That’s why Tantric energy is very useful.

When the internal block of ego communicates with emotion, it doesn’t matter how wise or how great you are, you become self-destructive; and whenever your ego and your intelligence come together, you shall become successful.
-Man to Man

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