Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Create the Life You Want (Part 4)

May 4, 2021 |

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When you are blocked and you start loving a block, then that block becomes your devotee, your deity. It becomes your energy. It becomes your Goddess. It becomes your worship. It becomes your altar and an altar has no alternative. So, you create a block and a block and a block and a block and finally, you create a wall and you don’t move. Breaking the block is loving the self.

The difference between White Tantric courses and all other courses you do in life is very simple. The diagonal energy acts as a lever and gives you a very solid start. It breaks the blocks. It has nothing more or nothing less to do.

It is good to say, “Hello, how are you? Good morning, my Creator. Thank you very much.” It is called gratitude. Attitude of gratitude brings you opportunities beyond your concept. And when the prayer becomes the vibration of the soul, mind, and self, we can create a miracle.

There is exactly one word in the whole dictionary which can represent God in you, which can bring knowledge in you, which can make you everything that you want to be, and that is “gratitude.” Attitude of gratitude is an ecstasy, a bliss, an accomplishment, an achievement. In English the word is, “Thank You.”

Everything is a molecule, and when your molecules dance with strength they attract everything. All the passion you have from the Universe you can use for creativity, for greatness, for purity and piety.

We want to make our will so clean, so clear, so positive, that the ‘couldn’t’ doesn’t touch our shores. We have a very strong disease: ‘couldn’t.’ And ultimately this ‘couldn’t’ is like a cancer and eats our determination, our essence—because we ‘couldn’t.’
-Success and the Spirit

Without an attitude of gratitude, neither prosperity nor pleasure, joy nor happiness means anything. Be in gratitude. Make an attitude to be in gratitude and you will find the whole Universe will come to you.

Any success which is emotionally satisfying is considered success, and ninety percent of such successes have destroyed people. Emotional success is rarely useful; conscious success is evergreen, but we do not look for conscious success. We always look for emotional success and that is where the personality is bogged down.

You always feel that by talking, by planning, by pursuing, you can achieve a lot, but don’t forget one factor which is two-thirds of life: by just vibrating right, you can achieve all. One angry word, one selfish decision, one neurotic approach can ruin all for you. Similarly one conscious act, one sweet word, one right decision can make all for you.

You are the soul consciousness of God. Try to understand and realize your basic value. These values will become virtues. Virtues will bring you a lot of opportunities. Opportunities will bring you peace, and the story of success will begin. You will expand.

Always remember where you are now, and always remember where you have to go tomorrow, and learn it from yesterday. Yesterday’s mistakes, tomorrow’s comfort can all be achieved by today’s help. Today it is very important how you move. Today it is very important how you deal. Today it is very important how you plan. It is very important how you use your today to implement today, and that will bring you tomorrow.

Take challenges as normal. Face them with sweetness and deliver them with perfection. The victory shall be yours.

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