Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Dharma vs Karma (Part 1)

July 6, 2021 |

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The Cosmos works for those who have discipline, who have longing, who have some goal to reach in their lives, and who make a constant, constant, constant effort to reach it. That is dharma. Dharma is in every day, in every action, on every side of the day. Don’t waste yourself into the maya of this Earth.

Life has to be decided by dharma. Righteous duty is called dharma—the call of duty to righteous action. The right of self-defense is a dharma, it is not a war; it is not a fight. 

This body has to earn from karma to the state of dharma. Karma needs action and reaction. Every action you do will have a reaction—that you cannot change. What is dharma? Dharma is when you take action to uplift and serve others—this is your dharma.

Dharma is when you consciously put yourself together to work for others, for their happiness, for their benefit, for taking away their pain, giving them a life, serving them.

Whatever we do for ourselves is a karma; whatever we do for others is a dharma. 

Where there is dharma there is no karma. So we have to lean on dharmic values and we have to build a dharmic family. We have to relate to that family and we have to relate to it deeply. 
Aquarian Times, January 2006

You are a human. It is your dharma to show the light and the path to all. It is your day. It has dawned for you. It is your gift. You must carry your dharma, your duty. Let your memory ever be that you will uplift everything.
Success and the Spirit: Inner Calling, Outer Calling

Dharma is not religion. Dharma is to walk and whosoever falls, carry them. It’s a caravan. It is a walking path of righteousness. Everybody is equal. None is denounced. 

Every sequence has a consequence. When we start a sequence, the consequence will be there. If you do not want consequences, do not start the sequence. Have that control!

In karma you are the pilot; in dharma the code of conduct is the pilot. 

When the projection of you is dharma, then you are divine. When the projection of you is karma, you are going to be milled down by time and space. 

Your experience is important!

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