Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Dharma vs Karma (Part 2)

July 6, 2021 |

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Karmas can be cut off, chopped off, eliminated. One can free oneself from karma by living a life of dharma.


When you serve this planet, the karma of this planet, then your dharma is to serve, and God shall come through. 

If a man lives with the oneness of the heart, all karmas and sins or mistakes are washed. 

In the Age of Aquarius, the dharma of a person shall be to reach out. Reach out to help. Reach out to share smiles. Reach out to hear each other. Reach out to every person without judgement.

In Kundalini Yoga we don’t worry about the effect, we worry about the cause because cause has an effect. An effect can never happen without a cause: consequences shall never happen without sequence. If a person can be aware enough to know the trend of the sequences, he can control the consequences.
KRI International Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1 Manual

We have the right and privilege to shed off our karma as a snake sheds off the skin. There is no need to be grinded by karma. Then you have to live by the strict rule of dharma.

The grinding wheel of karma is don’t put a negative thought in yourself because you have to grind that negative thought and take it out. If you can’t take it out, that thought is going to take you out.

When there is karma, there is no dharma. Where there is dharma, there is no karma, and the grinding wheel of karma cannot get to you. We do not say if you understand dharma, it will cut down karma, no. Or if you know dharma, it will cut down karma, no. We say, if you live dharma then you will not live karma, because you cannot live two lives. Some of you are living two lives—you pretend to be living dharma, actually you live karma.

Whatever cause and effect is written, that you have earned. You pay it or you don’t pay it. You pay it with a smile or you pay it with a tear—that is the question. The difference is a man of dharma, a man of dharam consciousness, pays it with a smile, accepts it, and pays it.

Most of the time you are rude, you are crude, and you are obnoxious in your communication, because when your intelligence joins with ego, you don’t care what the heavens have for you. You lose the sight of dharam for the sake of karam.

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