Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Dharma vs. Karma (Part 5)

February 2, 2022 |

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Dharma is a karma which is directed towards God. There’s no ego. Where there’s ego, there’s no Infinity. Ego limits you, God unlimits you. All karmas in dharma are geared towards that liberation.

Why is discipline required in dharma? Why is pressure required? Because pressure and discipline are required to reach crystallization and even diamonds do not shine if not cut properly. 

This is a living dharma, it’s not a religion. It is a living thing. We live it.  We don’t talk about it.

Aasha – what you long for. Isht – your ultimate purpose. Upaasanaa – how you worship. Khaan – what you eat. Paan – what you drink. Peheraan – what you wear. These things of yours should serve you uniquely to represent the power which comes through you.

The ideal philosophy which can be practiced by a human being who has an absolutely yo-yo life, to become committed, strong, and reach the eternal happiness forever—that is dharma.

The moment you are in dharma and dharma is your priority, you will never be subject to karma—you are free, you are liberated, you are fine. You are yourself. And then you enjoy yourself. You say what you feel, you do what you feel, you are an elevated self. It’s very fine; it’s very neat.

When you surrender, the karma surrenders too. You rise like a phoenix from the ashes and the karma remains behind.

Your experience is important!

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