Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Community (Part 3)

February 24, 2022 |

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We have songs and we have smiles; that is the beauty of 3HO. We have many, many songs and we have very, very, very many smiles. We have all the tools not to be fools but still sometimes we mess up. But it’s all right. If one thing doesn’t work another will work—we have the technology and methodology to become and be good, graceful, courageous, pure human beings. We are all on the same path. Nobody is slave to anybody and nobody is subject to anybody. We worship no man but we love every man.

Look what we are trying. You call it dharma, but it is not. What we are trying is to come together; come together to an understanding. The difference is, the discipline is, the commitment is that we are going to come together with the following guiding lines: “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.’ When we came together we decided we would guide our way on. My way and your way we already know, so we do not need to learn that. Each one of you knows ‘my’ way and ‘your’ way. All we have to learn is ‘our’ way.”
Aquarian Times Nov/Dec 2009

What is the principle of happiness? We started 3HO—Healthy, Happy, Holy. Right? Healthy you are, one way or the other. As long as you are not in the graveyard pit, you are okay. Holy you are. Anybody who has nine holes and controls what comes in and goes out is holy. But happy? What is the definition of being happy? That existence which does not have discipline cannot deliver. That deliverance is the measurement of personal happiness, and that needs discipline in every facet of life. Within your discipline, whether you serve or you de-serve, within your discipline, you live or you don’t live, within your discipline you eat or you don’t eat, within your discipline, you are the discipline. If you are master of that discipline, which is you, you are all God. There is no other.

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