Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Conscious Communication – Part 1

June 30, 2021 |

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Conscious communication is called Turiya—when you are totally effective, totally understood and totally truthful. -July 23, 1982

Communication always has a purpose. Before speaking, the first law is: you must know why you are talking. You must know what you are communicating for. What do you want? -July 28, 1982

The greatest blunder I have seen that almost everyone makes is to just speak their mind. It doesn’t make any sense. They sound like the squawking ducks in a pond. The mind is not meant to be spoken. The mind is mostly waves of thoughts and sensations from many sources. The mind is meant to know the truth. Know your own mind and use it to speak the truth. -The Mind Book

Your value is nothing if you cannot honor your word. If you do not mean what you say, you are the most mean person on the Earth. -April 22, 1997

You should not say anything that you cannot put your totality behind. The total value of you is that whatever you say, you stick with it. When you don’t stick with what you say, you have no value, and your decoration and your jewelry and your sex and your person have no value. Real communication is the faculty of a human that whatever you say, you stick with it. –The Aquarian Teacher: Conscious Communication. Level 2 Transformation Practitioner

If your words do not have a smile, if you do not talk heart to heart, and you decide everything with your head, it is better to keep a dog as a friend rather than you. –April 22, 1997

Talk to everybody with reverence. Listen to everybody with reverence. Say things with reverence. You will always be happy and graceful. -August 8, 1975

What is the purpose of communication? There is one and only one purpose of talking. As there is one God, one humanity, one light, one planet Earth, there is one purpose of communication. It is to discharge your honest being. I am literally translating: “To discharge your honest being.” When you catch the honesty and communicate rather than carrying the other garbage with it, that is communication. The first purpose of life is to know where your honesty is. The second purpose is to know where your heart is. The third is to know where your head is and the fourth is to know your totality. Honesty is a totality. –Naad Yoga and the Art of Communication. Adapted from Beads of Truth, Winter 1983 #12

Talk passionately and act compassionately. The only thing you can do in your life to win the world is to be a kind speaker and a kind listener. That’s what makes the humankind. Kind listening and kind speaking. Passionately talk and compassionately act. -June 30, 1988

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