Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Conscious Communication (Part 3)

December 28, 2021 |

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The strength behind communication is in its quality, not in its quantity. Your talk should be that of quality, not of quantity. You should use small sentences which say a lot. Or you should say a lot in small sentences. -August 1, 1984

What you feel, what you desire and what you want is not what you are. You are a consciousness. Speak consciously and speak what your consciousness allows you to speak. -July 18, 1984

You don’t have to explain yourself. Let your weakness be yours. Let your strength be everybody’s. You understand the principle? -July 13, 1984

Why don’t you make your whole body into a string and play the music of the vibratory electromagnetic self, which is your creativity, and project to the heart of another person?  -July 5, 1984

If you give your word, let the entire Universe fall before you, but let your word stand. -July 4, 1984

Just remember, the language of gesture is more effective than the spoken word. Body language is very powerful. Bring the balance within you and project that balance. -July 3, 1984

In any communication, or in any situation which you cannot confront because it is exaggerating, hot or aggressive, just change your breath. Breathe through the lips instead of through the nostrils. Exhale always through the nostrils. Inhale through the rolled lips and make it slow and long. It will slow everything as required. It will increase your sensitivity. It will give you 10 times more projection over the person you are talking to. -July 3, 1984

One sacrifice has to be made: never use harsh or rude language. Foul language you can use; foul language doesn’t hurt. Foul language is forgivable (though it is bad). But rude language cannot be forgiven. -July 3, 1984

No one who is angry or shallow can repeat what they’ve said. The moment you ask a person to repeat, you have won the battle. You have put them on guard. So don’t reply angrily and don’t take any offense, just say politely, “Yes, I understand, but could you please repeat it?” With that, you have won. -July 3, 1984

Communication is a science as well as an art. What does speaking precisely mean? You are consciously communicating with another person at that person’s frequency, not yours. -Yogi Bhajan, July 23, 1982

The first law of social communication is whenever you meet anyone, exalt him or her. -July 22, 1982

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