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January 31, 2021 |

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Consciously ask your intuition to show you the path. Consciously ask your courage to face the calamity. Ask your grace to face the insecurity. Ask your breath of life to face the depression. Rise, rise and excel.

It is not that crisis is bad. It is only bad when you cannot cross it.

Question is, in the face of calamity can you stay calm? In the state of passion can you understand? Is action and reaction your way of life or do you have resurrection? 

All crisis can do is make you tense, emotional and weak. Crises have come, they have hit you. Just take it easy, and bless them. Sing a lullaby to them. Put them to sleep.

There is no such thing on this planet as a life that is not full of crises. The problem is with your neurosis.

Intuition will give us the intelligence and the consciousness to protect ourselves. We can do it in a second, but if we don’t develop it, then what? Are we going to die? No, in that case there shall be conflict; there shall be crisis.

There’s an inside crisis and conflict. There are outside crises and conflicts. The problem is you cannot face outside crises and conflicts if you do not resolve inside crises and conflicts.

If you are in any dire emergency and you want to dial a friend, better dial Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru. See how it manifests. 

Once you have calamity, give that calamity to God who has sent it, and take happiness home. 

When you do not develop your intuition, you have doubt, you have duality, you have conflict, and you have crisis.

In life there comes challenge, confrontation and calamity. These three together come to a person face to face. If that person is diplomatic, compassionate and impersonal, one can walk through the above three just like a swift wind. 

You have to develop your strength to face your world. You must be in a position to understand what the pressures are. If the pressure is on you and your flexibility and your springs do not give you resurrection to go above it, you will be facing a storm of life.

The only way to win crisis is to go into silence and smile.

Where there is anxiety, uncertainty, and challenge, self must compute the relevance of the entire thing, and then not stop there—that’s the most important thing. Self must give you the answer—how to overcome time and space. 

I know, as the Age of Aquarius will proceed, many families will face tragedies. Things will go rough and wrong. I am not warning you unnecessarily. I am trying to explain to you very smartly a survival way to relate, to understand, to acknowledge the power of the shabad. Pain is in ego, and shabad is that permutation and combination of such words which totally kills the ego.

All great people have neutral existence and then compassion brings them the intuition and they can see through things. This intelligence combined with gratitude gives them the way to get out of the calamity. 

Crossing the crisis is not difficult. The problem is when you are facing the crisis, you should not feel that you are not going to cross it.

Resolve your inner crisis before you resolve your outer crisis. If there’s a fire in the house and you run out to extinguish the fire of the neighbors, by the time you come back you won’t have a home. So do not reason with the outer world until you reason with your inner world.

When calamity comes this is how I get out of it. I say, “Okay God, this is a calamity. Thank you for remembering me for that, now enjoy it, I am going to go to sleep.”

If you do not want to shape up your consciousness, if you do not want to challenge the trauma of life, if you do not want to confront your weaknesses and you do not penetrate through those weakness, then when are you going to be steady? 

When you feel the urge for a stimulant, take seven long deep breaths, holding each inhalation to the maximum. Or, do Breath of Fire. It is the most powerful remedy! If you do a half-hour of Breath of Fire every day, there are a lot of troubles that you can keep miles away.
–Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga: Flow the Eternal Power, p.101

Every defeat has a pain; therefore, don’t let your ego play an unnecessary role. If you sacrifice your will to the Divine Will, then you wish good for all and you shall be the best. That is the way to cross the crisis.

The reality is there is nobody who can limit you. There is nobody who can damage you. Your existence is not bound in time and space. You always have a choice of how you project your mind.
-The Mind

When I came from India, I went through a family crisis. I had a very serious crisis, the worst of life. For me, there was only one decision: I’ll confront it to the full extent, but I’ll not give in. 

Shabad means, when you remember the ultimate wisdom in your heart and when you are in crisis, it calls on you to let you know the direction which can continue the clarity of identity.

Crises do come, they shall come, they will fight you. And you will win.

The beauty of crises is they will let you win if you just persist. 

Some people think life is how it is, but really life is how you deal with it.

If God puts you into bad environments, worst environments, tragic environments, horrible environments, all calamities, insults, tragedies—it’s just for you to face it and win.

If you chant Shabad Hazare (Mere Man Loche) in Archer Pose for fifteen minutes per side [and] if you make it a routine in your life, I feel that you will never need to face a problem for which you don’t have an answer. You’ll be the strongest, most sensible, extremely intelligent and alert woman who will be in a position to face sequences and consequences affecting her life.

Read that shabad Guru Nanak wrote, Bhand Jamee-ai Bhand Nimee-ai. This is a shabad he wrote which has a blessing to resolve your inner conflict and your inner crisis no matter how strong it is. If you want to go through the Guru’s way, this is it.

Life without crisis does not exist.

The difference between ‘keep up’ and ‘give up’ is very little. If you give up, you cannot keep up; if you keep up, you cannot give up.

First the conflict starts. Conflict reaches the stage where it brings crisis. If crises are established to the point that you become neurotic, then you cannot resolve them. But if you bring logic and reason into it, then you can consider your pros and cons.

Your experience is important!

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