Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Finding Security (Part 3)

March 26, 2022 |

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There is no reason that you should worry. The only thing which will hurt you is when you worry that you are poor, when you worry you are insecure, when you worry about yourself. The day you start not worrying about yourself and worrying for other people, then you will be rich, prosperous and as happy as you can be.

When are you Divine? Minus compassion you are not Divine. Plus compassion you are Divine. The moment you are kind and compassionate, you are God. Moment to moment and anytime you are insecure and crazy and worrying, you are devil. That’s the simple difference between the two. Because when you worry, when you feel upset, when you feel unhappy, when you are scared, when you are phobic, when you go neurotic, you forget that the supreme power God is with you. “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” – With my every limb God lives with me.

Whatever you do, you do it as authentic, as secure. Security should not become your insecurity. Security should radiate. It should be known that you are a secure human being.

Whenever you are secure, be grateful. When security comes without gratitude it becomes tragedy. Nobody will teach you this; everybody wants to tell you to be secure. With security, remember to be humble.

Don’t be secure; experience security. Don’t be holy; experience your holiness. Don’t be righteous; experience righteousness. Don’t be healthy; experience health. “To be” is “So be it.” This is the one commandment of the Age of Aquarius.

Truth is nothing but giving your values of earth away and taking the values of ether to you. Truth is the strength of your commitment. Truth is your security.

Your experience is important!

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