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January 8, 2022 |

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Yogi Bhajan – July, 1971 – Ananda Ashram in New York

The Age of Aquarius is coming in and it’s going to mentally blow up everybody so fast you can’t believe it. Insecurity will be all around us. Duality will be our best friend. There is no need for it. Just trust your soul—it will save you. Learn this as an art. Dive deep to your soul. That’s all you have.

Happiness is not what you have and happiness is not what you don’t have. Happiness is a state of mind where you feel secure.

Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and White Tantric Yoga all work to disentangle the threads of insecurity from the layers of the subconscious. When these are removed you can deal with things as they actually are rather than as your fears portray them.
-The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Teacher Training Manual

The moment a person does not feel secure, he feels that he lacks something. The very fact of his feeling that he lacks something, makes him alert to a danger and that shakes his happiness.

Your character and your characteristics have to have that depth that it should be like a banyan tree under which all birds and humans can rest and feel secure.

If you cannot give security to others in all circumstances, you shall not have security in all circumstances.

Love is the most secure place in an individual. It is secure, deep, and very curative healing. It has no pain. It’s not limited. It has no argument. It’s beyond the beyond.
Relax and Rejoice: A Marriage Manual

The highest state of security of an individual is when a person is in the state of love. It is a consciousness which can penetrate through anything for that thing, and nothing can penetrate it.
Relax and Rejoice: A Marriage Manual

The insecure person will always try to make a secure person insecure to test his security. That is the law. Ignoble people will act very aggressively toward noble people because they want to test whether they are really noble or are phony.

Prosperity doesn’t mean that you will have wealth, health and happiness. The best way to explain prosperity is to say it is like a rosebud when it flowers and opens up, and shares its fragrance. That’s the moment, which lasts a few days, when a rose flower is prosperous. When a man or woman is prosperous, it is the fragrance of security, grace, depth, character and truthfulness that a person can share. Like a candle emits light, a human emits prosperity.

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