Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Giving and Seva (Part 2)

September 28, 2021 |

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Forget who you are and help others. Nanak will take care of it in your life, in your family life, in your surroundings, in anything.
Success and the Spirit

If we rise for tomorrow, make ourselves valuable, help others, serve others, talk to others, open people’s minds and hearts, share their dreams, and serve them in one way or the other as we can—that will be very pleasant to everybody’s soul.

You have to be universal. You have to give people hope!
Teacher’s Course, Santa Cruz, CA 1974

Cross the boundaries which have never been crossed, walk into hearts which have never been open, shake hands which hate to be shaken, go and bring people out of their holes so they can be holy,

Descend, because like a forklift, you may descend, go into the dirt and move up. This descent is in the highest state of mind and spirit.

For spiritual cleansing you have to help somebody to be elevated—seva. That is spiritual food. Your spirit will die without it.

Provide people comfort, go into the society, live for people. If God, out of His mercy, has pulled you out of that insanity, then is it not fair for you to serve those who are still suffering?
Teacher’s Course, Santa Cruz, CA 1974

If you do seva in the name of your own God—that is a seva. If you do seva in the name of your own spirit, your own soul—that is seva. If you do something expecting something tomorrow, you better not do it. It is not worth it; it is not seva. 

Seva means selfless service. It’s the character of Santa Claus, giving gifts without asking for anything.

Serve everybody who comes your way; touch everybody who comes your way; inspire everybody who comes your way; heal everybody who comes your way. Be nice, kind and compassionate to everybody who comes your way.
Success and the Spirit, p. 130

That person who comes to ask your counseling or advice or looks to you in anger and abuse or in grace or in sweetness—once he has come to you, the truth is, God has come to you. Serve that person not as a human but as a God.

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