Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Gratitude (Part 2)

November 14, 2021 |

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Wealth is a different thing than money. Wealth is in values, so please give yourself values. And attitude of gratitude is the only way that you will not mess up your life. Be grateful that the tragedy has fallen on you. God must have thought that you can lead through your strength and courage and guide yourself through it, so others can learn it.

There is exactly one word in the whole dictionary which can represent God in you, which can bring knowledge in you, which can make you everything that you want to be, and that is “gratitude.” Attitude of gratitude is an ecstasy, a bliss, an accomplishment, an achievement. In English the word is ‘thank you.’

Ordinarily you say ‘Thank you.’ But do you say thank you to your parents? Do you say thank you to your neighbors? Do you say thank you to a tree, which gives you shelter? Do you say a thank you to the car, which takes you somewhere? Why not? The human birth is meant for thanking. You have enemies. Thank them. Without them you will never be alert. You will never be smart. You will never enjoy your existence.

If you call me names, I’ll be very grateful, because it reminds me to lean on God more and understand Ang Sang Wahe Guru. And it’s my prayer that you may have the same attitude. Those who live in God, have attitude of gratitude. Those who live in ego have attitude of self.

All these marriages, divorces and all that, they are on one basis: “I am not happy. I am not happy because I am not grateful. I am not grateful because I am neither great nor full.” When we say, “Be grateful” this is a very serious condition: be great first and then be full. When you are not great, you are not full.

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