Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Gratitude (Part 4)

December 21, 2021 |

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Write it on your forehead, write it on your heart, on your third chakra, on your second chakra and your first chakra. You will never go short, never will you have less. God will prevail by God’s True Nature. If you have discomfort and hunger say, “God, that is Thy Virtue. Thank you for accepting me for that tragedy.” This is the attitude of gratitude. “My shackles will be removed by Thy Will.” God is so great, to Him the whole of what we have is just like a sesame seed.

This Universe is made by God by one universal rule: everybody has a standard of birth, growth, and death, except man. God is extremely forgiving, but if you do not acknowledge what you have, in gratitude, you will never have more, and if you care to get it, something will be lost.

If you appreciate your life, if you appreciate your job, if you appreciate yourself, if you appreciate your surroundings—poor or rich, whatever they are—you are divine.

Don’t count your wrongs, count your blessings and you shall not fail. Any human who calls himself a creature of God and does not count, many times during the day the blessings, but only counts what he doesn’t have is insulting to God and to himself; he is a living non-reality.

Do not get attached to that which is given, be attached to the Giver.

Everything should be considered as a gift of God. When anything wrong comes to you and you think it is a gift, it won’t stay with you. Do you know that? Try it sometime.

Love is not enough; intelligence is not enough; powerful strength is not enough. You may put everything on one side of the scale, but if you are missing gratitude, you shall lose.

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