Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Healing (Part 2)

August 21, 2021 |

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We have given you different sets of exercises. They can work for you. Why do you have to exercise? When the body grows, each year of its existence, it becomes more rigid. You move in special patterns. You move your hands in a special way, your legs in a special way; and that does not exercise a lot of muscles. The muscles which do not get any type of exercise get weak and that area of your skeleton gets out of shape. The moment your skeleton gets out of shape, the nervous system starts feeling the pressure. It starts messing up the circulation, then reconstruction of the tissues gets weird. After a while you fall apart and you are in trouble.

If people want to change and they want to build their immune system, they should. The Yogi Tea original formula was to give people help with their liver, spleen and immune system. That’s how we started Yogi Tea.

The glands are the guardian of our health and our immune system

There are times when you cannot even control the sugar level in your body. Remember that when you put sugar in your metabolism, you are upsetting your metabolism in a very direct way. X amount of sugar is understandable, but the amount of sugar you put in, only God can save you. And whenever you put x amount of sugar, you must follow the law of depression. When you get that kind of depression, you lose a lot of friends. Therefore, it is very fair to channel your energy. One of the best ways to channel the energy is to do the pranayama.

When you do not channel the energy properly, then you must get depressed. Don’t [over]extend yourself and get out of balance. I have seen people who get depressed in this way: Alright, let us have a party in the evening. At 11 o’clock, the party will be over. Let us go to a movie. Then, after the movie, come home. Alright honey, give me a cup of coffee. They up the next day at 4:30 in the evening. They do not know what to do. This is called Phase Depression. That person will not get his scene together for almost four days. It takes the body 72 hours to get the body back into the same working process. Just one night of action.

There is only one problem: You do not trust your powers. There is no difference between you and God. Count your blessings. Be proud of yourself. Make your children, friends and neighbors proud of you. Let your touch be the Master’s Touch. Serve the Age of Aquarius. Keep up and God will keep you up. Trust it. Stop looking down at yourself. Feel God within. There is no God outside of you.

Your experience is important!

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