Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Japji – Part 2

March 14, 2022 |

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This is my prayer: that you learn Japji by heart. Spread it, it will open up many doors for you.

Guru Nanak gave us Japji. Jap means repeated reciprocal creative power. Jap means when we recite and what we recite takes mind, body and soul.

Jap requires consciousness, intelligence and personality. It requires soul, mind and body. Ji means the soul, the inner self, the eternal self, the excellent self, the infinite self. That is called Ji. Ji energy is what the universal energy is. Guru Nanak gave you Jap of the Ji. That’s why the name is Japji. It is recitation of that Ji. It is called multiple soul; it’s called infinite soul.

When you are extremely depressed and without any understanding, start reciting Japji. By the fifth pauri you will be utmost lively and effective. You can experiment with it. As Guru Nanak gave us Japji; let us give it to ourselves.

Japji doesn’t provide any barrier to any human. It is like an ocean which has rivers coming into it. It is the solution of a life of peace and tranquility, and union of a creature with the Creator.

The particular power of each pauri lies in the combination of sounds which create the chemical and magnetic change in and around the being who recites it.

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