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January 27, 2021 |

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Artist: Sewa Singh Khalsa (www.sikhphotos.com)

All good facets of the being are through compassion, and that is the heart center. It is the beauty, it is the dignity, it is the ecstasy of the human being.

The greatest lesson on Earth is humility which opens the heart. You cannot open your heart by the power of the cannon. But with a few humble sweet words it can open forever.

Love is a self-acknowledgement. When I love myself, I can be so rich that I can love everybody.

Lord, awaken the soul, open the heart, give the excellence. Let me be kind to those who have been unkind to me. Let me love those who have hated me. Let me serve those who have betrayed me. Let me pray for those who have denied me. But be with me ever, ever, ever, unto Infinity.

For all actions judged through the heart center, the result is forgiveness.

Without love there is no God. Without love there is no spirit. Without love there is no prosperity. Without love there is no sincerity. There is no growth in you without love. There is no happiness without love. Love is the key to everything you are.

The heart center means warmth, compassion, kindness, passion, hatred—everything which is wonderful in the world and everything which is rotten on the planet. They all come from the heart center.”

Love is a total state of mind of tolerance. Total tolerance is love.

One day there shall be a day when humanity will live compassionately. That day shall be the day of peace.

If your own heart is not opened to you, you have a body of a human, you are not real. And when somebody opens his and her heart to you, and you do not respect it, it’s such a tragedy even Almighty God cannot forgive you. If somebody puts a confidence in you, opens their heart, trusts you, and you cannot keep it, that’s it, God may be Almighty, maybe He can forgive it. 

Love has no limit. When it has a limit, then it is not love. 

This world is the greatest test of mankind and one can only pass if he lives in his heart center.

When a totally complete, comfortable happy man touches an unhappy man, he brings happiness. Life is a sharing. We share our sorrows and we share our happiness. And if somebody is in sorrow, and we pour our happiness into that person, we make him happy. For that we need clarity of mind. We need the strength of the soul. We need enlargement of our point of view. We need tolerance. We need courage. 

If your love affair falls apart, don’t misunderstand. You can’t save it because you can’t love it. You can’t love it because you do not have the control on your ego. If you cannot put your ego to the side, you cannot succeed in love. Period.

It is the compassionate heart which can change the heart of everyone through the power of the word, and that belongs to those who have a state of compassionate self.

Where there is a condition, there is no love. Where there is an expectation, there is no love. Where there is a territory, there is no love. That which can be defined and have dimension is not love.

We mess up our life, mostly because of heart, because this center controls passion. Anytime passion is not controlled with human intuition, it will bring destruction. It’s a law which I can’t change. I am not against passion, but ninety percent in your life, your pain comes from passion, not from compassion. And ninety percent you have no intuition with your passion.

There is a state of mind in which when somebody is negative to you, you do not become equally negative to him or her, you just tolerate it. And in that tolerance there is a very great patience; in that patience there is a great prayer. That prayer is: this neurotic idiot, this confused person, is, after all, your creation.  

Compassion is the fountain of sacrifice. Compassion is the fountain of forgiveness. Compassion is what holds the world today. Be compassionate.

In love we honor. In love we grace people. In love we support. In love we sacrifice. In love we give. In love we elevate. In love we pray.

“I love you but you didn’t bring me flowers.” Your love is hanging on flowers! You are seasonal, conditional, demanding and bargaining. Love is not a bargain. Love is not a business. It cannot be bought and sold. It has no condition. When you put a condition on love, it evaporates.

When you can play just one game that is boundless in time and space, then all others stop. The measure of the game is how near you are to your own truth, to the reality in your soul.
The Mind 

No negativity sits at the heart center. If you ever think of anybody who is your enemy, think at the heart center. He will look like a friend.

What is love? I love you, you love me, we love you, they love us. If you do not love yourself to the depth of totality, you will never love love as a reality. And that’s the tragedy. If you do not love yourself unto totality of your own self, not of anybody else, you will never love the love’s reality.

Love and fear are two forces. Whatever you do under fear, it shall take your life away from you. Whatever you do under love, it shall give you fulfillment. 

When there is love, there is no question, where there is a question, there is no love.

Why not rise to the highest of the high and give and give and give and give? That is the law of the heart center, the compassion.

Infinity multiplied by Infinity means Infinity. But what controls, moves, operates and does things is called love. Love is one step beyond, one step higher than Infinity. 

Conditional love cannot be because love is God; love is Infinity and how can you define Infinity?

There is nobody else, it’s all you. Your security is with you and your openness of heart is with you. Do you deal with life with an open heart or do you deal with a scared heart, closed doors? Nobody can make you those things.

That’s all that carries a person—his compassion. Passions are like tides coming and going. Mind shall never be steady because the tidal wave of passion will always bring it up and down, but compassion is a trade wind. It will carry you across on the calm ocean.

Whosoever doesn’t listen to one’s own heart, how can anybody on this Earth be such an idiot to listen to you? Why should anybody listen to you?

Your love is selfish; it’s gain and loss. That’s not love. Love has no gain and loss. Love is beyond five senses. Love is beyond Infinity and the outcome of that love is ecstasy, anand. That anand gives you the recognition of an experience of anhad. You become boundless. But you have to recognize first that you are made in God. Recognize that you are the property of God.

Turn your passions into compassion by feeling others are you and you are others. Remove the barriers of the egocentric self and feel the self in all; all is one and one is all.

Love is a power which can make God move. Love is a power which can make God come through.

It is the touch of the hand, a spoken word and the contact of the eyes which open the heart of the man, not the knowledge of all the libraries in the world. 

Turn your passions into compassion by feeling others are you and you are others. Remove the barriers of the egocentric self and feel the self in all. All is one and one is all.

Whenever you will speak the truth, you open up the heart; it is a key to the heart of everybody. Truth is the key to the heart of everybody. When you speak it, it will open the heart; and when you won’t speak it, it doesn’t matter how polished, and how wonderful you speak, it will open up the head of the other person. And the head of the other person is nothing but can of worms. Better to keep silent; don’t say things. If you speak and your words are caught by the head of another person, you have made a mistake. But if you speak and it opens the heart of another person, you have won the game.

Humility lets the ego open the heart and you can receive the strength of God.

Love is a power through which you give and you don’t feel pain. Unhappiness is pain. In love there is an ecstasy. There is no pain. You can give like God.

Open the hearts of the entire humanity. Give people hope, give them strength so we may not fall back into the dark ages and lose what we have achieved with great sacrifice.

Bless you with integrity, with Divinity, with grace, with courtesy, with kindness and Self. Acknowledge God is within, always, ever and shall be. With that all prevailing God within you and every molecule of you, every atom of you, every cell of you, just understand and acknowledge you are thirty trillion dancing Gods alive, well, self-contained, and self-complete. May that completion, that Divinity, that grace of creativity give you peace, tranquility and an effective experience in ecstasy, joy and happiness. And above all in this, may you experience love, the perpetual Infinite force which moves, creates and completes everybody. Sat Nam.

Artwork by Sewa Singh https://sikhphotos.com/ 

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